Digital Natives Ep: 8 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

Episode 8 –  Instagram Stories, New Technology, Generation C, and Micro-Moment Marketing

This week, Matt, Kevin, Josh, and Anna regroup to look at the biggest changes in technology and marketing that are influencing the modern world. Whether it’s weighing in on the effects of Instagram stories or looking at the newest technology that’s changing the way we’re working today, this week covers a wide variety.

Instagram Stories [1:26]
Modern Future Technology [7:18]
Introducing Generation C [17:08]
Micro-Moment Marketing [24:14]

Instagram Stories

Recently, Instagram introduced a familiar Snapchat feature, stories. While some have appraised it as a successful feature, others are more skeptical. Kevin takes a look at the usage and gauges the opinions of our cast members to see what they think.

“Apparently, only one third of Instagram users are using stories, considering 300 million users that’s still 100 million people, that’s a lot of people! But that also means that 200 million don’t care it exists.” -Kevin
“I feel like Instagram has set itself up as the picture sharing platform and they do it well.” -Josh
“I’ve never used it and I think subconsciously I was annoyed because they ripped it off of Snapchat” -Anna
“The idea of Instagram as a whole is centered around the idea of taking pictures and saving them… Snapchat and Snapchat’s story feature is here and now and it sells on the fact it’s current… I think Instagram is trying to take the idea of current now and exciting and integrate it into a platform based on keeping memories.” -Matt
“People want new; they don’t want you to give them another version of what’s available” -Kevin

Modern Future Technology

While we still don’t have a fully functioning consumer hover board we’ve seen a lot of science fiction become reality in recent years. Matt takes a step back to see what the group thinks is the most influential new technology and where we’ll see technology go in the coming years.

“One of the biggest innovations I think in tech has been the creation and implementation of well-done drones with cameras on them, I think that’s changed videography completely.” -Matt
“Until drones can break away from footage and serve another purpose I’m kind of wondering what the draw is beyond that, it needs to have mass appeal or use for it to be considered revolutionary.” -Josh
“Arizona State University now has burrito delivery by drone.” -Matt / Kevin
“AI Is another big thing, personal assistants are getting really really big.” -Matt
“To me AI is more revolutionary in my mind because it’s something more people can use, once AI gets good enough it will change the way people live.” -Josh
“Elon Musk’s new AI will be trained based off of Reddit, Elon Musk do you want Skynet? Because that’s how you get Skynet.” -Matt

Introducing Generation C

With all the of the opinions about the Millennial Generation circulating recently some people have started to identify some of that group, and others, as Generation C. Josh explains what this means specifically and gets the groups opinion on how it will affect marketing, if at all.

“Basically, what Generation C is that there’s no age gap, it’s just anyone who’s completely in tune with social connectivity and is very involved with communities online.” -Josh
“Regardless of what you do with saying generations, I don’t think it’s going to have a huge effect on Marketing, you’re going to define a more detailed target.” -Matt
“I’ve always felt the term millennial was a really wide gap too, I’m at the higher end and it’s weird to compare myself to someone who’s 18.” -Kevin
“If you go on half the social media platforms now days it’s almost like a con system, younger people will go comment ‘like for like’ or ‘follow for follow’.” -Anna
“From a marketing standpoint if you’re really going to start going down to your key demographics I think labeling anyone by their generation like that is outdated, you could sell tech and have a baby boomer who’s really into that and have a millennial that doesn’t know any of that.” -Kevin

Micro-Moment Marketing

Anne takes a look at how newer companies like Spotify and Uber have changed the way we’re doing marketing and introduced the idea of Micro-Moment Marketing. With the idea of instant gratification it could be changing the way we’ll be doing marketing for the foreseeable future.

“Micro-moment marketing revolves around the idea of marketing based on tactics of getting you what you want when you want it.” -Anna
“Hashtag burrito drone!” -Matt
“It’s all about closing the gap between I want something and I have it… The shorter the process, the better”
“The technology is becoming much more accessible like Facebook Chatbots that allow you to instantaneously order things on there.” -Matt
“It’s interesting that all these companies are playing a game of accessibility, they the middle man, they just make everything as fast as possible… What they’re marketing is the speed of service” -Josh
“The most valuable commodity isn’t money anymore, it’s time. I’ll pay 5$ more to have it now than wait 5 days to get it in the mail.” -Kevin

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