Digital Natives Ep: 9 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

Episode 9 – PlayStation VR, Pinterest Users, Sponsored Reviews, and Google

This week our hosts Matt, Josh, Kevin, and Anna take a look at the much anticipated PlayStation VR, common social medias and how they’re changing, and the future of Google and how it will affect you as internet users. As always, you can join the Digital Natives Cast by tweeting them your questions to be answered on the show!

PlayStation VR [3:35]
Pinterest User Demogrpahic [20:25]
Sponsored Reviews [26:00]
The Future of Google [31:18]

PlayStation VR

Kevin received his long-awaited PlayStation VR and now that he’s had some time to use it he gives us a breakdown of the pros and cons and leads us through a discussion about what the future of VR might hold.

“I was always hyped about VR but when you actually try it out it’s more than just a ‘Face Helmet.’ The best way to describe it is an experience.” -Kevin
“Everyone I’ve read a review from who’s used this as their first experience with VR has loved it.” -Kevin
“I have horrible motion sickness in reality but when I did a VR rollercoaster I had no problems, it was awesome!” -Matt
“To me, the gaming industry has been desperate for something new, Nintendo almost had it with the Wii remove but that died off. We were looking for a new experience and that’s what VR does.” -Kevin

Pinterest User Demographics

Pinterest is well known for being one of the more creative social media platforms but it’s been a historically female dominated medium. According to Anna, the demographics are starting to switch and men are becoming the more prominent users.

“I think it’s super interesting how the male demographic has started to kind of take over Pinterest and the changes that it’s making on it.” -Anna
“I used to use it for a previous job that required a lot of DIY sort of things and it was super helpful in that situation.” -Matt
“I think people in our generation are more inclined to want to curate stuff and that’s pretty much what Pinterest is, a self-curator.” -Josh
“I really like that it curates things that you might be interested in so if you identify you’re interested in DIY, outdoors, grilling or whatever kinds of things you’ll see those kinds of topics on your home page.” -Anna

Sponsored Reviews

Because Google has such a large impact on the day to day business of marketers Josh is always interested in following the trends they’re setting. Recently, Google acquired a smaller business that helps connect people to influencers to help better sell their product through influencer marketing.

“Everyone kind of agrees that whatever Google does everyone pays attention to because they have such a huge influence on what people do.” -Josh
“Google acquired this company that connects brands with sponsors that, for example, will help brands find people like YouTubers to promote their product or content.” -Josh
“Pretty much everything I buy is through influencer marketing at this point, PlayStation VR, for example, is something I’ve watched sponsored stuff about up until the point I had it.” -Kevin
“I think something common is people will see sponsored content and go find a bunch of unsponsored content to back up that opinion before they make any buying decisions.” -Matt

The Future of Google

As 2016 moves closer to its end everyone is looking to the future of Google to see what they should be preparing for. Matt explores some of the recent articles, interviews, and releases of Google that will be helping to shape the future of SEO, search, and web design.

“I was following the big changes and the future of Google recently, for example, Google Podium which is like Twitter but shows up in search results.” -Matt
“In another interview I was reading about, an engineer from Google emphasized machine learning, structured data, and the Accelerated Mobile Platform.” -Matt
“I think Google is really just trying to make things easier for people trying to find information and if you want to show up you need to pay attention to these things to make sure you understand how your data needs to be formatted.” -Josh
“SEO is definitely evolving, people are now going to Twitter for their news, people want it quick!” -Kevin

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