Ep 47 – Neurological Marketing and Building Content with Red Bull

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt and Rai are breaking down how some scientists are taking a closer look at marketing practices from a neurological standpoint and the iconic king of content, Red Bull. Don’t miss out on the latest in technology, marketing, and design; new episodes every Monday!

Neurological Marketing [6:45]
Building Content with Red Bull [15:05]

Neurological Marketing

What happens when you cross a marketer with a scientist and give them a batch of test patients and a lab? Rai explores the answers and its findings when neurological marketers look at the reaction of the human brain when given certain stimuli.


“Neuro Marketing is a new field that has emerged with neuroscientists who have started entering the marketing space.” -Rai
“Using a lot of emotion in your marketing message helps engage the brain.” -Rai
“Anything that strokes your readers ego or helps them validate themselves is also great for engaging them.” -Rai
“Use unexpected word choices in your writing to engage your audience.” -Rai
“Build your website with moxie.” -Matt

Building Content with Red Bull

Red Bull could be the looked at as the king of content marketing, building their own media house and starting tons of events around the world! Matt breaks down their rise to fame and their success to let you know how you can use it for your business!


“There was a quote, ‘Red Bull is a media company that happens to sell energy drinks’ which is so eloquently worded and true.” -Matt
“The ‘Red Bulletin’ has over 5 million viewers that Red Bull has built over time.” -Matt
“When you think of Red Bull, you think of the events they are sponsoring and putting on before you even think of the products.” -Rai
“Red Bull is creating events that creates the content, they aren’t waiting for someone else to do it, they’re doing it themselves.” -Matt
“Go out and create more than just the content. Create experiences, events, and happenings.” -Matt
“Create the opportunity that other people are trying to leverage.” -Matt
“Build enough of a foundation that you can give someone a stack of paper that is your brand.” -Matt


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