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This week, our hosts Rai and Kyle are getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday! Rai crunches the numbers for us and goes over some of the less known days associated with the holiday shopping season (Sofa Sunday, anyone?). Kyle shares info on a new Facebook app with us that could be a game changer for influencers who were previously having frustrations with Facebook’s platform. Don’t miss out on the latest in technology, marketing, and design; new episodes every Monday!


Black Friday 2017 [5:55]
Facebook Creator App [15:12]

Black Friday 2017

Thanksgiving may be coming up quickly, but the Digital Natives have shopping on the brain. Rai guides us through the past Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending trends and discusses what spending might look like this year. Be sure to take a guess at Cyber Monday 2017 spending on Keystone Click’s Facebook page for your chance to win a prize!


“40% of the total holiday spend is actually in the 4 weeks leading up to Black Friday.” -Rai
“Sofa Sunday is the day before Cyber Monday. It’s the day when people sit and research what they’re going to buy on Cyber Monday.” -Rai
“Cyber Monday this year is set to be the largest online shopping day in the history of the world.” -Rai
“Green Monday is the second Monday in December and it is actually the 2nd biggest day for online shopping during the year.” -Rai
“I saw a report that said that a lot of online retailers are trying to turn away from online sales now and are trying to get people back in stores.” -Kyle

Facebook Creator App

Facebook has always been a tricky platform for influencers to use to its full potential. Kyle gives us a breakdown of a brand-new Facebook App that’s made to make it easier than ever for social media stars to grow their fan base. Check it out for yourself at Facebook.com/creators


“Facebook just launched last week, the Facebook Creator app. I wonder if they actually mean Influencers. I think the reason they picked creator is that they’re recognizing that anyone can be a creator. You don’t need a million followers.” -Kyle
“This Creator app is specifically made for people going live.” -Kyle
“They’re giving us a creative kit, a community tab, camera effects and story access, and because data is super important, an insight panel.” -Kyle
[17:50] – *Ghost appearance*
“Even if you’re not a creator yet, you can become one because they’re telling you how to do it.” -Kyle



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