Episode 13 – Google Play Music, Facebook Fake News and Upsizing, and Snapchat Marketing

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Min, Josh, and Anna discussed big changes and controversy with Facebook, Google Play Music changes, and major marketing trends with Hashtags.

Google Play Music [1:30]
Facebook Fake News [6:30]
Facebook Upsizing [10:30]
Snapchat Hashtags and Stories [13:32]

Google Play Music

Our host Min takes an in depth look at the new changes being made to Google Play Music to implement geolocation to your playlists. Soon, you’ll be able to walk into the gym and have Google automatically turn on your gym playlist!

“Google Play Music will use your location to determine where you are and then it will change your music accordingly.” -Min
“I think the Google Play Changes are part of a big push to better implement the Google Home AI.” -Matt
“I now Spotify will make playlists for you based off of what you listen to and then name it work or gym or whatever but it’s cool to see Google taking it a step further.” -Josh

Facebook Fake News

In the wake of the recent election many people have pointed their fingers at Facebook, blaming them for circulating fake news articles to influence the results. Josh takes a look at this topic in depth to see what it means in terms of marketing.

“I usually like to double-check my news when I see it on Facebook.” -Min
“People are complaining that Facebook has too much power and that the news stories are fake and now Mark Zuckerberg is admitting some of them are fake.” -Josh
“The fake stories add value to the idea of putting out good things because if people see that they will really appreciate that and it will make your stuff go farther.” -Matt

Facebook Upsizing

Facebook is adding a large amount of new employees to their UK locations. Matt breaks down some of the influences that prompted the decision and what it might mean for the social network and the people that use it!

“It seems to me that they’re looking for new ways to interact instead of making Facebook more… Facebookey.” -Josh
“I think one of the biggest trends has been finding new ways to interact, look at Snapchat for example..” -Matt
“There’s too much going on Facebook, it’s becoming extremely overwhelming.” -Min

Subject 4

Many brands have embraced Snapchat’s major grown and adoption to bolster their marketing efforts. Our host Anna takes a look at some local creative uses and how it’s effected the brands that have implemented them.

“Georgetown University is using a specific hashtag to filter in certain stories to their Snapchat. Once people post with that hashtag it posts it on the Snapchat to show experiences to incoming freshman” -Anna
“As Snapchat keeps gaining popularity and growing you’re going to see things like universities and coffee shops integrating it and this is almost a way they can use a live story without paying for it!” -Matt
“Snapchat is perfect for the college student age and demographic because you can put that story out there and let them see exactly what it’s like.” -Josh

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