Episode 15 – Photo editing AI, Minute Maid marketing, Trusted Contacts, and The Web in 2027

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Anna, Josh, and Min join you once again to discuss everything from great marketing campaigns by Spotify and Minute Maid to new apps and AI that are changing the way we interact and work today. To wrap it all up, we take a look at the future of surfing the web as predicted by big tech players!

A Photo Editing AI [2:35]
Minute Maid Marketing [9:10]
Trusted Contacts by Google [12:10]
The Web in 2027 [21:10]

A Photo Editing AI

Our host Min takes a closer look at new photo editing software called Photo Lemur. Using this tool, anyone will be able to edit photos at a high level to move a photography business into its next level. Min navigates the group through a conversation about what it means for designers and marketers and what you can expect in the future!

“Photo Lemur will let you upload up to 40 photos at a time and adjusts the editing based on a number of compositional qualities of the photo.” -Min
“New software like Photo Lemur is kind of a double-edged sword because it can make your job easier or obsolete but it also forces people to get way better because a computer is now able to do that.” -Josh
“Editing is what takes the longest time when it comes to photo shoots. While a wedding photo shoot may just be a day, photographers can spend weeks editing the photos afterwards” -Min
“It seems like a lot of tools and apps are coming out to give way to the rise of the freelancer if you will. Now, if you’re an agency you need to be next level and top-notch because smaller people can now compete.” -Matt

Minute Maid Marketing

The popular lemonade brand Minute Maid is embracing the holiday season by creating a big giving campaign. Anna leads a discussion about this specific kind of campaign and if the lack of direct return on investment is really made up for by the long term benefit.

“Minute Maid used the hashtag #DoingGood and a popup store to allow people to write a letter to people that they cared dearly about.” -Anna
“Minute Maid’s campaign a roundabout way to achieve your goal but I bet it ends up really effective, they’re establishing a lot of brand loyalty if nothing else.” -Matt
“It’s great when companies spend a lot of time on social media generating hype toward good causes, especially during the holidays.” -Josh

Trusted Contacts by Google

Google is always a big topic of conversation for professionals but today Matt discusses it for a new safety initiative they’ve started. Recently, Google released a new app called Trusted Contacts which lets you check in for the location of people that have added you as a trusted contact. Is it a safety concern or reassuring to have someone with that power? The group lets you know!

“Google’s created an app that’s like Find My Friend that basically lets selected people request your location from your phone and if you don’t respond within a time period if sends it to them.” -Matt
“I like that you have to accept a person as a trusted contact which gives you more power of the security of the app.” -Anna
“I think the whole fact you have to opt into it voids that privacy concern.” -Josh

The Web in 2027

During Josh’s research, he stumbled onto some researchers from Microsoft that were predicting that we won’t have a search bar by 2027. While this is quite a lofty claim, Josh leads the group in a discussion to see if it holds and validity and what we could expect in the future.

“Scientist at Microsoft said that by 2027 there won’t be a search bar anymore and it will be completely replaced by deep learning.” -Josh
“I picture Microsoft prediction of the lack of a search bar as giving you notifications and recommendations while you’re browsing the internet.” -Josh
“If you removed the search bar you would return to the dark ages of the internet.” -Matt
“I think by Microsoft saying they’re going to ‘Do away with the search bar’ they mean that the smart homes and the internet of things is really going to be getting big.” -Matt

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