Episode 17 – IKEA Website Fails, Facebook vs Snapchat, and SEO in 2017

Author: Jack Martin

As the holiday season kicks into full swing and the year draws close to its close our hosts take a look at a few major things to watch in 2017 and a great website fail from the year end. This week, Matt and Min welcome on a brand new host, Alli who’s re-visiting after a summer internship!

IKEA Website Fails [5:25]
Facebook vs SnapChat [9:40]
SEO in 2017 [17:55]

IKEA Website Fails

Min has been on a big IKEA kick for the last two weeks and happened to discover that people have been having some very interesting problems with their search function on their website. Together, our hosts explore these problems in detail and discover some of the big issues.

“For having a bulk amount of visitors, IKEA’s website is pretty poor and they’re really struggling with it.” -Matt
“With IKEA using crazy new marketing tactics they’re overdue for a redesign.” -Min

Facebook vs Snapchat

In the war between social media giants Facebook is doing everything it can to stop Snapchat to no avail. Our newest host, Alli, breaks down the competition between the two social giants to help understand what’s happening and what the future holds.

“Facebook’s filters are strictly holiday based and Snapchat has a lot of different ones for you to use!” -Alli
“Facebook page admins are getting warnings for using snap codes as your profile picture.” -Alli
“I just happened to swipe down on the Facebook messenger app the other day and the UI looks exactly like Snapchat, it’s the exact same thing.” -Matt
“Copy the concept, copy the tools, but copy the UI… Come on, that’s way too much.” -Matt
“If the majority of your audience is younger, Snapchat is great for reaching them!” -Matt
“I love the way Cartoon Network is using Snapchat, they’re using all the voice actors for their cartoons and having them on there.” -Min

SEO in 2017

With 2017 fast approaching it’s important to not just look back at the past year but to look forward into what to expect. Our host Matt takes a look at what some people are predicting for the coming year of SEO and what he thinks you should be looking for in the future.

“Marketing Land created a great article talking about SEO in 2017 talking about a lot of key points you should be watching.” -Matt
“One of the constants of search engine optimization is keyword research. There will always be keyword research and it’s something a lot of people discount.” -Matt
“Internal linking is a big thing when I’m designing sites, people always want their pages to be really clean but you need to have links to keep people moving around.” -Min
“If your user experience is really really good, odds are you search engine optimization will be really good.” -Matt
“I visited an event last year and they were talking about how drop downs should be eliminated from your navigation completely.” -Min
“Keep your designs simple, keep them on one page. If you need to have more than one page, link between those pages with decisive calls-to-action.” -Min

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