Episode 20 – Self Driving Cars, Facebook Live Audio, and Adobe Sensei

Author: Jack Martin

This week, Alli rejoins Matt and Min to take a look at some big improvements to artificial intelligence and a new way to reach your audience on Facebook. Join our cast every Monday to learn about the latest in technology, design, and marketing from digital natives themselves.

Uber’s Self Driving Cars [1:55]
Facebook Live Audio [7:30]
Adobe Sensei, Powerful Design AI [13:40]

Uber’s Self Driving Cars

Alli revisits the taxi service, Uber, to look at their self-driving cars and what they hold for the future. During the discussion, she takes a look at the reception and rejection in San Francisco and their eventual destination of the deserts in Arizona.

“Self-driving cars have the ability to eliminate human error and that’s one of the main reasons they’re developing that.” -Alli
“Eventually, Uber will probably phase out drivers almost completely.” -Matt
“I think it’s a step in the right direction but I don’t quite like it yet.” -Alli

Facebook Live Audio

While browsing Twitter recently, our host Matt stumbled onto a question by our friends at @AskSole who were wondering if we would be using a new feature that Facebook plans to implement in the future. Matt takes the cast deeper into the question to discuss the uses of life audio on Facebook and if they plan to utilize it.

“Live everything is the way things are and are going now. 2017 is the year of lives stuff; if you’re going to do something, do it live.” -Matt
“I don’t really like filming myself and talking so I really like this because I would feel a lot more comfortable just throwing on a pair of headphones and recording audio.” -Min
“In the future, I would love to live broadcast an episode early and then release the episode a week alter.” -Matt
“I would love to see a musician use this to let us listen in on a recording session and all the different takes they go through when they put a song together.” -Matt

Adobe Sensei, Powerful Design AI

Throughout 2016 many companies have created, released, or revealed powerful AI assistants. Before the end of the year, our host Min stumbled onto one that might be the most powerful yet. Adobe Sensei is an AI assistant that helps with your marketing design and it certainly caught our hosts attention!

“Sensei will learn you habits while you’re designing and predict what you’re going to do next then do it for you!.” -Min
“If you’re editing a big pool of photos and you’re removing one person from the photos, Sensei will pick that up and remove them form the rest of the photos for you.” -Min
“Adobe Sensei will be able to recognize facial features and then change your expression with a single click of a button.” -Min
“The rate of which AI is speeding up is huge but the things it’s starting to do is even more impressive.” -Matt

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