Episode 24 – Amazon Headphones, Tailored Marketing, Psychology of Design

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our crew explores new technology being created by Amazon, high level marketing tactics, and what makes design work psychologically. Our usual hosts, Min and Matt, are joined once again by Anna to break down each of these subjects and help you get found.

Amazon’s New Headphones [3:45]
Custom Tailored Marketing [9:50]
The Psychology of Design [19:30]

Amazon’s New Headphones

To kick things off, our host Anna takes a look at some of the latest technology trends with exciting new headphones created by Amazon to help you stay focused anywhere. Together with the rest of the Digital Natives hosts, Anna dives into the tech and how it can work for you.

“Amazon has patented a new design for headphones that let you program them to pick up on certain words to cut off your music so you can stay focused.” -Anna
“Voice activated and recognition has been getting integrated into almost everything it seems like.” -Matt

Custom Tailored Marketing

When it comes to having effective marketing, one golden method to success has always been strong personalization of your marketing pieces. Matt brings the group on a discussion about how custom tailoring your marketing to add more personalization can have a big impact on your bottom line.

“With technology and AI you’re able to customize a lot of your content to each of your specific customers or recipients.” -Matt
“On Facebook, you could have a chat bot pull from almost any of the information on someone’s profile when they’re talking to the bot and use that to customize the conversation.” -Matt
“When I bought my wedding dress, all I gave them was my email and my phone number and when they pulled up my profile they had my Facebook profile picture, all my information, my finance’s name. It was almost creepy.” -Min
“Target is actually one of the most prime examples of targeting your audience. At one point, someone conducted a study on them and found out they could predict someone was pregnant before that person would even know” -Matt

The Psychology of Design

When it comes to design, there’s a lot of small factors that play into whether or not you end up making the sale. Min takes a deeper look into the psychology of design and how that plays into the decisions people are making on your website.

“People. Hate. Change. Try to make subtle changes on your website over a longer period of time to help improve the reception of the changes.” -Min
“A website that performs well with a male audience may perform poorly with a female audience because they react differently to different colors.” -Min
“People form an opinion about a website within 90 seconds of viewing it. Color influences up to 90% of that opinion.” -Min
“People care more about how big your font is than the type of font. Larger fonts create a stronger emotional connection to the design and experts say the font should be no smaller than 16 pixels.” -Min

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