Episode 25 – Facebook Identity Crisis, Important Marketing Skills, and Museum Website Redesigns

Author: Jack Martin

This week, we bring in a new host, Liz, to join Matt and Min in sharing about the latest in technology, design, and marketing! Join our hosts every Monday for the latest information, great humor, and important insight into the mindset of digital natives!

Facebook Identity Crisis [7:20]
Important Marketing Skills [10:10]
Subject 3 [17:55]

Facebook Identity Crisis

Facebook has grown to a massive scale and it’s reaching the point of an identity crisis, much like Google did prior to Alphabet. Matt dives into what this means, exactly, and how it could affect you in the future!

“Facebook has reached the point where it’s invested in so many different areas but it’s all still under the umbrella of Facebook.” -Matt
“In the case of all the ‘Snapchat esque’ features that they’re adding. I personally don’t want to use that on Facebook because I’m already using Snapchat” -Min

Important Marketing Skills

This week, Matt stumbled across an article outlining the 5 most important skills in Marketing. He takes some time to weigh in on the list with the cast and outline what he thinks is important, and not so important for moving forward into the new year!

“It’s tough to say which skills you should develop because Marketing has become such a broad term.” -Matt
“Data analysis is really big, everyone wants everything tied to numbers now.” -Matt
“Focus first on creating REALLY good content, focus second on optimizing that content.” -Matt
“If you can get really good at video in the next year, everything you do will do well!” -Matt
“People digest and remember visual content so much better than written content.” -Min
“One of the most important design skills is to keep your designs simple but still visually appealing.” -Liz

Museum Website Redesign

Websites always vary by industry, business, and a number of other variables but when it comes to museums there’s always a challenge to fit tons of information into an easily consumed website. Min explores a recent museum redesign and outlines some of the key points that she thinks, made it a success.

“Guests of the museum wanted to not need to rely on their phones, instead they wanted to disconnect and put their phones away while they were there.” -Min
“Everyone is on their cell phones so you need to make sure it’s friendly for their phones and that’s influenced by your sites navigation.” -Min
“Owners of companies usually don’t think the way their users think so they end up making really complicated designs.” -Min
“Don’t be afraid to go bold with your designs, not scrolling and only two links was almost unheard of in that industry but it turned out great!” -Min

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