Episode 27 – Marketing Trends, LinkedIn Advertising, and Internal Linking

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts join together to discuss the latest in marketing from major trends to advertising changes on LinkedIn. Additionally, we answer a question from our audience by describing internal linking in depth.

2017’s Major Marketing Trends [2:50]
LinkedIn Advertising [11:20]
Internal Linking [18:00]

2017 Major Marketing Trends

One of our newest hosts, Liz, brings her first ever topic to the conversation and kicks things off by talking about the major trends for marketing in 2017. With the help of the group, she breaks down what you should be watching and how you can prepare!

“Clickable ads and other interactive content help keep users or readers engaged with what you’re trying to show them.” -Liz
“Mobile video views grew six times faster than desktop since 2016.” -Liz
“Look for ways to weave your products and offerings into a narrative instead of just blasting people with ads.” -Liz
“Native advertising is HUGE. You cannot put enough emphasis on how seamlessly it integrates and how successful it can be” -Matt

LinkedIn Advertising

With the constant increase in usage of social media advertising LinkedIn still stands as one of the more untapped networks for social ads. This week, Matt leads the group in a discussion on LinkedIn ads and how to be successful in creating your very first campaign!

“Posting statistics has a 32% higher click through rate on your LinkedIn ads.” -Matt
“LinkedIn’s algorithm isn’t as aggressive as Facebook’s, if they click like or share, a lot more of their followers see your post.” -Matt
“LinkedIn ads that are Twitter size, 150 characters, you’ll have an 18% boost on click through rates on that alone.” -Matt
“I’ve been seeing a lot of shorter posts and ads on LinkedIn lately.” -Min
“Adding visuals to your LinkedIn posts can have as much as a 38% increase in engagement.” -Matt

The Basics of Internal Linking

Over the past week, we’ve received a question from one of our followers, “@RiederBernhard” asking us to explain internal linking a little more in depth. To help answer the question, Min revisits the topic and breaks down her best practices for successful linking.

“Internal linking helps in two main areas; aiding in navigation and defining the architecture of your website.” -Min
“Try to use anchor text links instead of images when you’re doing internal linking.” -Min
“When you create images, make sure your alt text is in there, so many people forget that.” -Min
“If you want to test your alt tags on your images, have someone read them to you when you’re not looking at the post. Can you understand where that link is going?” -Min
“If you only have four pages on your site, don’t throw 50 links in a blog post; it doesn’t make sense.” -Min

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