Episode 29 – Subject Zest.is, Influencer Ads on Instagram, Amazon Books, and Designing Web Forms

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts hide from the cold weather and return of Winter in the podcast room to share about a variety of subjects ranging from great resources for marketing articles and info to more brick and mortar stores for Amazon! Join us every Monday to hear the latest on technology, marketing, and design from the point of view of digital natives!

Zest.is [3:20]
Influencer Ads on Instagram [9:30]
Amazon Books [16:40]
Designing Web Forms [22:35]


Over the past few months, our host Matt has been beta testing a new content tool for marketers worldwide called Zest.is. Because Zest just completed their product launch, Matt breaks down their successful launch and talks about the strengths that he saw along the way!

“Zest.is launched last week, on the 7th and their launch went really well!” -Matt
“Some people do beta tests and just blow it because they don’t do anything with the info they collect.” -Matt
“The reason I open up every email from Zest is because they add humor and personality in every email they send.” -Matt
“For this Zest.is, the launch was successful because it had a lot of humor and personality that helped get the product off the ground.” -Matt
“The exclusivity of the initial Spectacles launch was extremely powerful not only because of exclusivity but because it also created a lot of buzz.” -Will

Influencer Ads on Instagram

In the current marketing space, there’s a lot of buzz around influencer marketing and the benefits it brings to businesses. Anna takes a deeper look into the stats behind influencer marketing in terms of Facebook.

“Influencer ads are 11 times more effective on Instagram than any other ad format.” -Anna
“Instagram has a feed that shows curated suggestions based on what you’ve liked or who you follow and that helps businesses target you.” -Anna
“Instagram helps create personal engagement while catering to super specific markets.” -Anna
“Influencer marketing is one of the biggest ad pieces I respond to. If I see a celebrity or YouTuber that I really like using a product a lot and I want that product, I’ll probably get that one.” -Matt
“Influencer marketing makes things much more personable and realistic when I see someone I’m following promoting something.” -Anna

Amazon Books

Amazon continues to break down the brick and mortar stores, this time with an expansion of their own brick and mortar book stores. Our host, Will breaks down the implications and explores what it means for amazon, its competitors, and you!

“Amazon has just confirmed its 10th brick and mortar book store, Amazon Books.” -Will
“It’s interesting because Amazon is kind of known as the book store killer in many ways but now they’re pioneering themselves in the physical space.” -Will
“I have a Kindle and I haven’t bought a physical book in quite some time.” -Min

Designing Web Forms

Creating web pages that convert prospects to customers is no easy task on its own. Often times, businesses utilize web forms to help facilitate that conversion but the idea behind how to design forms successfully is usually lost in translation. Min takes a closer look at web forms and how to properly create one.

“The number one thing to creating a successful web form is to limit the number of fields that people need to fill out. Only require what’s necessary!” -Min
“79% of people abandon their shopping carts because their fields are too long or too short and they get nervous and stop filling it out.” -Min
“Always make sure you clearly mark your optional field in your web forms, it will help make your customers more comfortable.” -Min
“Always implement A/B testing, if it didn’t work, tweak it!” -Matt

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