Episode 37 – Sunny Co. Clothing, Facebook Live Moderation, and Snapchat’s Self-Serve Ads

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Will, and Anna explore what happens when you over promise on social promotions, Facebook’s major mishap on live videos, and self-serve ads on Snapchat. Join us every Monday for the latest and greatest of technology, marketing, and design!

Sunny Co. Clothing [2:05]
Facebook Live Moderation [10:15]
Snapchat’s Self-Serve Ads [14:35]

Sunny Co. Clothing

Recently, the Sunny Co. Clothing company offered a social promotion that garnered tons of attention. In their promotion, they offered a free swim suit to anyone who shared their Instagram picture, little did they know how many people would join in! Our host Anna looks at the fallout when their supply drops far below the demand!
UPDATE: Sunny Co. Clothing has closed their Instagram account and disappeared.

“The Sunny Co. Clothing company fiasco took over everyone’s social feeds for a period of time.” -Anna
“Because the Sunny Co. Clothing competition was so easy to enter, they had around 37 million people share their swimsuit picture.” -Anna
“When Sunny Co. Clothing changed their rules, that’s when the fiasco hit.” -Anna
“Having people share your photo is great publicity but it can be costly depending on how you run your competition.” -Will
“Regardless of how it ends up, nobody knew about Sunny Co. Clothing before this competition, now millions do.” -Matt

Facebook Live Moderation

Facebook live has offered great opportunities for many businesses but like many things, there’s a dark side of the platform that’s starting to surface. Will explores the negative press surrounding the platform and what Facebook is doing to stop it!

“Facebook’s expanding their content moderation team to eliminate criminal content.” -Will
“Facebook is taking steps to stay ahead of potential PR disasters by increasing their moderation team.” -Will
“At this point, they had to improve their moderation team, they had some really bad stuff pop up on their feed.” -Matt
“AI just isn’t in a place where it can be used for all of your moderation.” -Matt

Snapchat’s Self-Serve Ads

One of the most hyped social platforms, Snapchat, is facing major skepticism following its first earnings report. One of their efforts to appeal to their investors was the release of a self-serve ad platform, similar to Google and Facebook. How does this effect modern marketing? Our host Matt leads the group through a discussion to find out!

“Snapchat poses a big threat to Facebook and its smaller company.” -Matt
“Snapchat is retaining users really well. 35% of users who have both Snapchat and Facebook installed won’t even open their Facebook app.” -Matt
“Snapchat has a small demographic but that smaller demographic is a massive amount of people who aren’t even touching their Facebook apps.” -Matt
“My roommates and I tested it and in Snapchat it will notify you just when you click on the name, you don’t even have to be typing!” -Anna

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