Episode 38 – The Importance of Branding, In Browser Instagram, Botting on Instagram, and Snapchat Stocks

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Anna, and Min, give a warm sendoff to Will in addition to diving into some great topics! From the major need to brand your company to features and practices on Instagram over to the major stock crash from Snap Inc, our hosts have you covered!

The Importance of Branding [8:00]
In Browser Instagram [15:20]
Botting on Instagram [17:50]
Snapchat Stock Plummets [23:25]

The Importance of Branding

In a crowded marketing space with more equivalent quality products than ever, branding is more important than ever! Min examines the difference a good brand can make and the group at large share some of their favorite brands and what they’re doing right.

“A lot of companies are doing the exact same thing; your brand is often what ends up being the deciding factor between you and your competitor.” -Min
“Airbnb has done a great job of unifying their brand across all their social channels.” -Min
“Your brand extends across all your social platforms, your messaging, your imagery, your color pallets, your fonts, and more.” -Min
“I really love brands that use humor, realism, and wit with their messaging.” -Anna
“Integrating a character or creature with your brand can be really helpful to engaging your audience online and in person.” -Matt

In Browser Instagram

Since its creation, Instagram has only been accessible on mobile through its app but that changed last week when Instagram introduced a mobile browser page. Anna examines what it means for you and how you can leverage it for your success!

“You can now use Instagram.com through your mobile phone.” -Anna
“They’re hoping this will help get more users to join their platform.” -Anna

Botting on Instagram

On the shadier side of Instagram, hundreds of thousands of bots share millions of likes and comments in tiny spans of time. While the practice is successful for some people, many other despise it and those who use it. Matt examines what a blogger learned from two years of botting on Instagram and how you can take the bots practices and apply them to a more ethical use!

“Bots on Instagram are set up to track hashtags and interact with people using those hashtags.” -Matt
“The idea behind botting is you like and comment on someone’s profile, they come back and like and comment on your profile and it ultimately spreads from there.” -Matt
“Within 30 days, the bot had liked 27,500 posts and commented 7000 times.” -Matt
“I feel like it’s a bot every time I see someone comment just, ‘Great Picture.’ You need to improve your captions if you want to seem human” -Anna
“If someone has less than 30 pictures, there’s a chance they’re a bot. If all those photos were posted on the same day, they’re probably a bot!” -Matt

Snapchat Stock Plummets

Following their first earnings report, Snap Inc. stock plummeted. Does this spell out the end for the budding tech company or should you expect more to come? Will finishes out his final episode with the Digital Natives and lets you know!

“Snapchat released their first earnings report saying they brought in 149.6 million dollars which was way less than expect, this caused almost a 20% drop in their stock.” -Will
“Facebook has been on the heels of Snapchat, snatching up all their features for their own platforms.” -Will
“Snapchat is adding in tons of new tools, like their magic eraser which is helping keep them relevant.” -Matt
“Snapchat will continue to grow but they’ve got to be more aggressive with their feature rollout.” -Matt
“Snapchat’s golden demographic is the high school aged kids.” -Matt

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