Episode 39 – Memorable Brands, Hyper Targeting Via Location, and Google I/O and Lenses

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt and Anna have a discussion about memorable brands from the past few years, the line between creepy and helpful in location based marketing, and the Google I/O conference with their new Lenses app for your smartphone.

Memorable Brands [6:15]
Hyper Targeting Via Location [15:30]
Google I/O and Lenses [23:10]

Memorable Brands
From the Vonage jingle to the Pepsi logo, brands have been finding ways to engrain themselves in our heads for years. Last week, we established the strength of having a powerful brand but this week, Matt and Anna talk briefly about some of their favorite brands over the past years and how they got so popular.

“I always hated the Vonage commercials, they had such a catchy jingle on there and it made me so frustrated.” -Matt
“Old Spice did a good job with their jingle that I actually had people using it as their phones ringtones.” -Matt
“There’s a major difference between brands that target men vs brands that target women. Small aspects play into it like fonts and colors, it’s huge.” -Anna
“I love when brands do the same person and the same personality in all their videos.” -Anna
“I really like when brands are able to take what their strategy has always been and then update it to use good humor or trends and public figures that are big.” -Anna
“Personally, I really liked that Sprint took the old Verizon spokesperson and use him in their commercials now.” -Matt

Hyper Targeting Via Location
With GPS’ in everyone’s pockets, marketing by geolocation is becoming bigger than ever and Anna believes some of the companies that are using are crossing the line from helpful to creepy. Learn what’s too much when it comes to targeting by geolocation and what’s just right to give your customers a nudge.

“There’s a fine line between targeting your consumers with location based marketing that adds value versus doing it in a way that comes off creepy.” -Anna
“There are supposedly 1 Million new social media accounts activated a day which is almost 12 a second.” -Anna
“By 2020 there will be 2.87 billion smartphones worldwide.” -Anna
“Brands are using location settings to target users when they walk in their stores or are in the vicinity.” -Anna
“Some brands like Walgreens are apparently getting as precise as telling you to walk a couple of isles over to look at something when you’re in the store.” -Anna
“Target is really good at adding value with location based services because they just give subtle, helpful suggestions and information.” -Anna

Google I/O and Lenses
Tis the season for developer conferences with Facebook’s F8 in April and now Google’s I/O in the middle of May. During their conference, Google followed the trend set by Facebook and went heavy in on Augmented Reality. In their announcement for Lenses, Google pushed augmented reality into a new era of strength.

“With Google Lenses, you’ll be able to point your phone at something and take a picture of it and have Google tell you exactly what it is.” -Matt
“Using augmented reality, Google will let you point your phone at stores and see live ratings and reviews on your screen.” -Matt
“Using their new technology, Google will be able to map points on your screen so it can determine your location in a 3-dimensional space inside of stores.” -Matt
“This will be tough for the customer service industry because this system has the potential to replace that industry as a whole.” -Anna

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