Episode 45 – Designing with Empathy, Amazon Prime Day, and Stock Photo AI Creations

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Min, and Rai take a look at the importance of designing with empathy, Amazon Prime Day, and how one AI is make stupefying creations with stock photos and using it to target a hyper niche market. For all the latest on technology, marketing, and design, tune in every Monday for the Digital Natives Podcast.

Designing With Empathy [8:15]
Amazon Prime Day [13:15]
Stock Photo AI Creations [13:42]


Designing With Empathy

When it comes to designing websites, mobile apps, or just about anything it’s always important to put yourself in your user or viewers shoes. Our host Min looks at the power of empathy and how employing it in your design can help you create beautiful, and usable designs.

“Empathy is a super valuable skill to have in design. If you can empathize with your users’ needs you’ll be able to meet them and that will make them stick around.” -Min
“Traveling and learning about cultures is a great way to learn empathy. If you can’t afford to travel, follow accounts like National Geographic for a new point of view.” -Min
“If you have the budget, interview the people who will be using your website to understand what their pains are and what they want.” -Min
“Spend time in your user’s shoes. View your website in the sun on your phone or different devices” -Min
“Putting yourself in the shoes of the person you’re trying to reach is huge in marketing. Understand where you can fulfill a need.” -Matt


Amazon Prime day

The retail powerhouse Amazon has done everything it can to concrete its position in the market with varying degrees of success. From its original flop, Amazon has built Prime Day up to be one of the largest single shopping days worldwide. This week, Rai looks at how they did and why it went from failure to success.

“Amazon is estimated to have over 85 million Amazon Prime customers.” -Rai
“This year, Amazon is adding voice ordering discounts with Alexa.” -Rai
“Amazon is listing over 8,000 deals this year for Prime Day.” -Rai
“After their first year, Prime Day tripled their orders and this year they’re expecting it to be bigger.” -Rai


Stock Photo AI Creations

We’ve seen AI improving in creativity and smarts at a tremendous rate over the past year but recently one retailer employed it to start designing products and the result was quite interesting. Matt explores how pairing AI with stock photography and hype targeted keywords has helped one retailer on Amazon find a huge amount of success.

“An account on Amazon is using random stock photos and crappy phone cases and puts them together to make ridiculous phone cases.” -Matt
“Taking stock photos and slapping them on a phone case through AI is an interesting for of automation that’s paid off big for this company.” -Matt
“If you’re 100% optimized for some super-longtail keyword and if someone searches that, you’re almost always going to show up first.” -Matt
“By optimizing for really low search volume longtail keyword across a lot of products, this company has been able to get a ton of traffic.” -Matt


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