Episode 46 – Optimizing for Voice Searches and Net Neutrality

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt and Rai explore the evolution of internet searches into voice searches and how it effects the optimizations that marketers do on a daily basis. Additionally, our hosts touch on the hot issue of net neutrality to examine why It’s important for marketers and businesses alike to be aware of the outcome.

Optimizing for Voice Searches [5:25]
Net Neutrality [20:00]

Optimizing for Voice Searches

With the onset of new technology and methods for browsing online, voice searches have become a prominent form of search that marketers are watching closely. Our host Rai explores voice searches and what you need to know to be ready to optimize for it.

“Voice search and AI are heavily affecting how you should be optimizing your website.” -Rai
“20% of searches online are done by voice.” -Rai
“I’m starting to use OK Google when I need to look something up while I’m driving or to control my music.” -Matt
“Deep learning is used to help find voice search queries. Its goal is to learn from its mistakes to build a better search experience.” -Rai
“Rank Brain converts words and phrases into mathematical vectors and then uses them in deep learning. Using Rank Brain, Google is trying to define words and phrases the search has never seen.” -Rai
“For voice search, longtail plus keywords are big, these are longtail keywords with conversational pieces in them.” -Rai


Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been a hot topic on and off since 2002 but it’s back again with what’s probably the most realistic threat to its safety. Our host Matt explains what Net Neutrality is and why it’s important that marketers and businesses are aware of the changes that could take place if its removed.

“The idea of Net Neutrality is that it says the flow of the internet must remain neutral, ISPs’ can’t throttle your connection or stop you from visiting websites.” -Matt
“The new head of the FCC is very pro removing net neutrality, he’s the driving force behind changes to the current laws.” -Matt
“If Net Neutrality laws are removed, ISPs can put a funnel in the flow of the internet and force a slow down for everyone trying to visit any given website.” -Matt
“If Net Neutrality laws are removed, ISPs can then charge users to visit specific websites or charge specific websites to be visit-able by its users.” -Host Name
“Net Neutrality has a massive impact on SEO, if you can’t search for something then there’s no point in optimizing it anyways.” -Matt
“If you would like more info on Net Neutrality and Marketing, I highly recommend listening to the Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin on Net Neutrality, he covers it very well.” -Matt


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