Episode 50 – More Do-Nots of Content, The UX of a Banana, and Google Q & A Features

Author: Jack Martin

Welcome to the 50th episode of the Digital Natives Cast! This week, our usual hosts Matt, Rai, and Min are joined by a newcomer, Kyle. Together, the four of them explore new features on Google, good practices for creating captivating content, and the user experience of a banana!

More Do-Nots of Content [5:45]
The UX of a Banana [11:35]
Google Q & A Features [17:50]


More Do-Nots of Content

Last week we explored some best practices for creating content. This week, Rai dives deeper into that discussion to explore how you can make the most out of every piece of content you’re creating. By observing these do-nots, you’re almost guaranteed success!

“Focusing on selling in your content is a big turnoff to your website visitors. Instead, provide value with things your customers want to see.” -Rai
“A big mistake is to be self-focused versus customer focused. Your customers’ needs are very different from your needs” -Rai
“More content does not equal more exposure, you need high-quality content to attract people.” -Rai
“Just build something that people want to see and that will carry over into your SEO.” -Matt
“If you don’t want to look at it, odds are no one will want to.” -Matt


The UX of a Banana

User experience is a topic that’s confusing for even some of the most seasoned designers. Using a genius analogy, Min helps break down the concepts and ideas of user experience design to help you understand how people interact with your website!

“Bananas are designed to be the optimal snack.” -Min
“Bananas are designed to be obvious, you can tell if it’s yellow it’s ripe, if it’s brown it’s old.” -Min
“Bananas are made to be portable, you can take them anywhere without a cutting board or a knife.” -Min
“Eating a banana is comfortable, it always tastes similar, it’s consistent.” -Min
“User experience should be seamless from beginning to end and easy all the way through, just like the banana.” -Min


Google Q & A Features

Google is back at it again with new features for Google My Business. Our host Matt explores how Google Q & A will affect your website and how you can make the most of it once it’s released.

“Google Q&A will show an ask a question box on your my business listing that will let you create an FAQ on your google listing.” -Matt
“Because FAQs are so good for SEO and as a resource, I’m expecting this will impact SEO heavily.” -Matt
“Socially, people will have the ability to thumbs up responses on these Q&As.” -Matt
“Google has been trying harder to keep you on Google, not your website.” -Matt
“As marketers, you have to rely on the natural curiosity of human beings at some point.” -Kyle


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