Episode 51 – The Basics of Reddit, Will Snapchat Survive, and Measuring the ROI on Your Social Accounts

Author: Jack Martin

On this week’s episode of the Digital Natives Cast, our hosts Matt, Kyle, and Rai explore one of the largest social platforms, Reddit, the grim-looking future of Snapchat, and how to measure the return on investment of your social accounts. Join our hosts every week to get the latest information on technology, marketing, and design!

The Basics of Reddit [10:00]
Will Snapchat Survive? [20:45]
Measuring the ROI on Your Social Accounts [28:10]

The Basics of Reddit

While many people know that Reddit exists, most of them don’t expect that it’s in constant competition for the third largest social platform. Our host Matt, an avid Redditor, explores the marketing potential of Reddit and shares what you need to know to get started.


“You can easily spend five hours just flipping through Reddit.” -Matt
“Reddit’s strongest demographic is the college-age, still at university group.” -Matt
“Everything on Reddit is a joke and you can’t take anything seriously. You can’t go there and expect that someone won’t try to offend you somehow.” -Matt
“You have to embrace the culture of Reddit to really be successful with it as a platform.” -Matt
“Reddit is composed of a large community split into smaller, extremely specific subreddits. To be successful, you need to become a part of those communities” -Matt
“Reddit and Twitter flip-flop back and forth for the third largest social media platform.” -Matt
“Don’t try to go on Reddit without understanding the Reddit culture, you’ll get torn apart.” -Rai
“On Reddit, it’s important to think of your business as a person and embrace that personality.” -Kyle


*Matt’s Reddit Infographic


Will Snapchat Survive

Snapchat has concreted its spot as an innovative social media platform but lately, that seems like it hasn’t been enough to guarantee success. Rai takes time to explore the past, present, and future of Snapchat to see if it’s a good place to invest your time and money.

“Since becoming public, Snapchat has lost $443 million.” -Rai
“Millennials are supposed to become the largest buying force in the market in the near future.” -Matt
“Any time Snapchat has released anything new, Facebook has just jumped on it and copied it.” -Rai
“Facebook has four different iterations of the Snapchat stories feature across all their platforms.” -Rai
“Snapchat has a lot deeper engagement than any other social platform, people spend 2X as much time in the app as Instagram.” -Rai
“Snapchat’s dancing hot dog filter was viewed by 1.5 Billion people.” -Rai


Measuring the ROI of Your Social Accounts

Almost every business has social accounts whether they use them or not but for those who do utilize the platforms, justifying your return on investment is often a challenge. Our newest host Kyle’s first topic explores social media analytics and how you can use them to your advantage to prove the value of your social efforts!

“60% of social marketers have a hard time determining ROI on social media.” -Kyle
“Who do you want talking about your brand? If you sell kids toys, do you want parents talking about it or social influencers?” -Kyle
“I recommend avoiding vanity metrics like reach and page likes. Those two things don’t mean much for you in the long run.” -Matt
“The Facebook Algorithm is kind of like a credit score. It takes time to build credibility and have people see your post more often.” -Matt


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