Episode 54 – SEO and Google, Subscription Services, The iPhone X, and Pillar Content Hubs

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Min, Kyle, and Rai navigate the changing digital world. Discussing Google’s data gathering and SEO, the trendy subscription service movement, and the gigantic unveiling of the iPhone X. We were really close to reaching our longest episode ever, but in an attempt to set a world record Matt covered his topic quickly.  

1. Google’s Data Gathering [7:59]
2. Subscription Services [16:10]
3. The Announcement of the iPhone X [23:15]
4. Pillar Contents and SEO [33:09]
SEO and Google’s Data Gathering
Kyle reflects on a podcast that discusses the “Google takeover.” Over the last several years we’ve seen Google try to keep you inside their search engine more and more. Beware of the Google Bots – and no, not the SEO ones.
The podcast was: Google’s Scary Future: What Every Marketer Should Know. (Total Disclosure: Strong language is used occasionally throughout this third-party podcast.)

“We want to be using the best technology for our clients or ourselves.” -Kyle
“I’ve seen a lot of helpful relevant things in the search queries box. Like food, sometimes it just knows.” – Matt
“At the end of the day, will it really affect us in the great scheme of things?” -Kyle
“Just think of where your data is going.” – Kyle
“I go less past search results because I mostly go to Reddit and call it good.” – Matt
“People are just handing it to Google. No one’s trying to push back.” – Matt

Subscription Services
Subscription services are riding a wave right now. Luckily for Digital Natives our host Rai is a part of one of these “trendy” businesses. She talks about how subscription services are seeing success and discussed points of entry for other business looking to get into the subscription service.

“If Amazon did it, sign me up, as soon as Spotify makes a box sign me up.” -Matt
“Beware the same fate as of flash sale websites.” -Rai
“You don’t have to think for yourself, which is part of the hype.” -Rai
“ Mystery boxes are really popular at conventions.” -Min
“Subscription services focus on the impulse buys rather than the long-term need” -Rai
“There’s a natural framework for customer retention and loyalty.” -Rai

iPhone X Unveiling
In case you missed it – Min is covering the iPhone X too! The iPhone X is Apple’s is the next true installment, not just an upgraded guts and bolts, of its Flagship device. Matt wasn’t terribly convinced but the rest of the cast were enthused.

“Funny side note about the screen – It’s made by Samsung. Whaaaat.” -Matt
“The wireless charging will improve the water-resistant technology due to no open charging port.” -Min
“A lot of people were saying, ‘what’s going to happen when girls take off their makeup?’ That’s not going to matter it’s the depth of your face.” -Min
“Many people don’t know, but in the iPhone’s first appearance, Steve Jobs had to use a prototype, he had to use four of them.” -Matt
“The machine learning will help your phone adapt to your face as you age.” -Min
“I want one but I don’t know if I want to pay the price point.” -Rai

Pillar Content Hubs
Matt reviews optimizing Pillar Content, the more important content you produce, for SEO through insight from HubSpot. He touches on the way search engines have changed, the process or design around the content organization, and gives us insight into how Pillar Content Hubs are impacting SEO for the better.

“Any quick thoughts? *Cricket* *Cricket* *Cricket* Good talk.” -Matt.

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