Episode 57 – NFL Links in SEO, The Influence of Keyword Research, and Managing Your Social Engagement

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Rai, and Kyle are looking at some of the finite details of search engine optimization (SEO) and social engagement! Join our hosts every Monday as they explore the latest information in technology, marketing, and design from the point of view of digital natives!

NFL Links in SEO [11:00]
The Influence of Keyword Research [18:40]
Managing Your Social Engagement [26:00]

NFL Links in SEO

This week we aren’t quite talking football, when we say NFL we’re really talking about no follow links and how they affect your website. Our host Kyle leads us on a discussion about the rise of no follow links and how they can impact your websites SEO rankings.


“No follow links are a piece of code in websites that makes sure that if you’re plugging links in certain places it won’t count for your SEO value.” -Kyle
“Getting people to engage with your brand can help get them to come back to your website and consume your content.” -Kyle
“With your brand, you are the expert! You should be responding to questions on websites like Quora.” -Kyle
“If you provide relevant and interesting information, people will want to go to your website and consume more.” -Kyle

The Influence of Keyword Research

Keyword research impacts a lot more than just search engine optimization. Our host Matt shares some of his keyword research experience and how it has impacted entire marketing strategies, from content and optimization to social platforms and overall strategies!

“Keyword research is a bit more abstract, while you might want to use SEO as your term, ‘Search Engine Optimization’ might be a more common term.” -Matt
“A big portion of keyword research is looking for terms that people are using to look for your products.” -Matt
“A lot of times you’re so connected to your industry and the jargon that you can struggle to empathize with the terms your customers might be using to find your products or services.” -Matt
“All SEO tools will give you slightly different metrics but they’re all great benchmarks and base points, I recommend using two tools to cross-reference.” -Matt
“Keyword research tells you how people are looking for the information that you give. This can affect your sales pitch, your website copy, and lot  more of your overall business!” -Matt

Managing Your Social Engagement

For many businesses, simply posting on social media is tedious but they don’t realize that the real power lies in the engagement you have with your followers. Our host Rai shares her favorite tips for engaging with your followers and why it’s so important for your business!

“Engaging with your followers can be time-consuming but is super important to encourage them to engage with your website.” -Rai
“To personalize your replies on social media, ask people questions.” -Rai
“If you’re relying on social media, try adding emojis. Using them helps add emojis to your responses.” -Rai
“Images are great to add personality, especially on Twitter where you have limited character counts.” -Rai
“Prepare answers to commonly asked questions ahead of time but personalize the responses so they sound somewhat different.” -Rai

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