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This week, our hosts Rai, Kyle, and Min explore some of the upcoming trends in design and video as well as shed light on a possible Facebook change that could effectively end organic reach for business pages on Facebook. Don’t forget to tune in every Monday for the latest in the world of marketing, design and technology!


Facebook’s Split Newsfeed [2:55]
Pantone’s Color of the Year [8:00]
How-To Videos [14:25]

Facebook’s Split Newsfeed

Facebook is known for constantly changing its algorithm to make it harder and harder for business page posts to be seen. Our host Kyle tells us how Facebook has been testing a split newsfeed in select countries that splits the newsfeed into a personal and followed pages feed so that businesses will now have to pay to get on their followers main feed. How will it affect social media marketers if this feature gets rolled out to the masses?


“In 2018 Facebook might be removing business pages organic reach into your newsfeed.” -Kyle
“As a business owner, how will you reach your audience that you’ve worked so hard to gain?” -Kyle
“You’ll have to rely on your customers to come visit your page directly unless you want to pay for it.” -Kyle
“The cool part about this is that I actually called it! I think that I mentioned that Facebook would have a little bit of an identity crisis because they were growing, but that they would eventually come back to be a straight up platform for friends and family.” -Kyle
“This change is something I love as a user of Facebook, but for work purposes, it’s pretty scary!” -Rai

Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone has spoken, and the color of the year is… (drumroll please) … ultra violet! Min gives us an overview of the color of the year and how this selection is supposed to reflect the attitude and tone of the year to come. Not everyone is a fan of this shade, however. Let us know what you think about this choice in the comments!


“The new color of the year for 2018 is ultra violet. So, it’s a really bright annoying purple.” -Min
“They’re spinning it as a positive outlook towards the future. They got the inspiration from outer space.” -Min Name
“Purple is one of the most complex colors out there. It combines two opposing colors, red and blue, they’re completely opposite on the color wheel, and combining them together creates this crazy color.” -Min
“I was reading that they actually had to use slime from snails and slugs to create purple dyes for clothing, so it was super expensive.” -Min
“Nothing says royalty like clothes made from slugs.” -Rai
“Many people are really opposed to the shade they chose this year. A lot of people think it’s a depressing color.” -Min

How-To Videos

You can’t scroll down your Facebook newsfeed lately without seeing a Tasty video. Our host Rai talks about the popularity of these how-to videos and some best practices that you should consider if you want to try to make one of your own!


“The research that they did took a dive into the keywords used to describe these videos and they found that ‘hacks’ was the #1 keyword. Posts containing the keyword ‘hacks’ or ‘lifehacks’ got 5-10x more engagement.” -Rai
“I think I’ve heard of Blossom, but I definitely have not seen as many as Tasty.” -Min
“What’s interesting is that Blossom posts a lot fewer videos than other outlets, but they get 5-10x more engagement on their videos.” -Rai
“I feel like some of these videos, they’re ‘hacks’ but they’re really poorly executed ones or you’ve seen them on other videos.” -Kyle
“These videos are a lot longer than other videos on Facebook because obviously you want to stick around to see the finished product and they’re very engaging, so they can afford to be longer.” -Rai


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