Episode 72 – Junk Notifications, Unilever Advertising Cuts, Instagram Posting Tips, and Social Media Addiction

Author: Jack Martin

This week your hosts Mitch, Kyle, Rai, and Min talk a bit about struggles that individuals and companies are having with social media. From a generation whose mental health is declining partially because of Social Media overload, to businesses that are calling it quits with Facebook and Google advertising due to lack of transparency, we cover it all! Be sure to tune in every Friday to catch the latest news in marketing, design, and technology!


Junk Notifications [6:00]
Unilever Advertising Cuts [10:30]
Instagram Posting Tips [15:45]
Social Media Addiction [25:45]

Junk Notifications

If you’ve been on Facebook for any length of time, you’ve probably seen the number of notifications go up and the quality of notifications go down in recent years. Kyle and the group discuss the overload of junk notifications that we receive on a daily basis and how they are affecting the public’s trust in Facebook.   

Unilever Advertising Cuts

The public isn’t the only ones that are losing trust in Facebook. Recently Unilever, the 2nd biggest advertising spender in the world, threatened to pull all their advertising dollars from Facebook and Google due to lack of transparency. Mitch gives us the scoop and asks the question – Is this all just for show or is Unilever serious about pulling their advertising from these platforms.

Instagram Posting Tips

We all know the basic best practices for posting on Instagram, but Rai digs a little deeper into some extra things you can do to make your posts work a little harder for you and your brand.


Social Media Addiction

If you feel like social media is taking a toll on your mental health, you’re not alone. Min explores the worrying topic of why social media is making us so sad. The Digital Natives discuss their own experiences with the mood-altering effects of social media, as well as share how they keep themselves grounded in the current digital-obsessed world.



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