Episode 73 – VERO, The Importance of Storytelling, Diesel’s Pop-Up Shocker, and Reddit for Business

Author: Jack Martin

On this week’s episode of the Digital Natives Podcast, your hosts Rai, Mitch, Min, and Kyle touch on some new developments in the social space, and some old concepts that are making a comeback with all of the craziness around changing algorithms and the fact that pay-to-play is here to stay. Join us each and every Friday morning for the latest in tech, design, and marketing from the Digital Natives!


VERO [4:10]
The Importance of Storytelling [11:40]
Diesel’s Pop-Up Shocker [15:50]
Reddit for Business [21:35]


A new social media platform is on the scene, and Min has got the scoop for us! VERO, a social media app that is popular in artist circles differs from a lot of the other sites in that you pay a yearly fee to use it. Get this though – NO ADS! Min and Rai both signed up for an account and share their initial thoughts. If you want to try it out for yourself, you’re in luck! The first million users get the fee waived for life. Will VERO catch on with disgruntled users of Facebook and Snapchat?


The Importance of Storytelling

The art of storytelling is alive and well for successful start-ups and global influencers. Mitch explains to us the reason why global movements start through storytelling and what you need to do to strengthen your brand communication.

Diesel’s Pop-Up Shocker

Things aren’t always what they seem. What seems like a junky knockoff store on Canal St. in NYC might actually be a clothing brand’s next crazy publicity stunt. Rai tells us about Diesel’s (or should we say Deisel’s) pop-up store during New York Fashion Week that turned the fashion world on its head and became an overnight sensation with influencers.


Reddit for Business

Kyle says that he’s always been wary about using Reddit to self-promote or to promote a business or surface, but his opinion might be changing. Recently, Reddit has been adding features that make it easier for businesses to have a voice and users seem more open to having a dialogue with brands. Will Reddit become the next big ad platform?


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