Episode 75 – Twitter’s Attempt to Curb Spam, Snapchat Advertising, Psychology in Marketing, and Creative McDonald’s Signage

Author: Jack Martin

Rai, Mitch, Min, and Kyle are back this week along with special guest Leia! (Min’s adorable pup!) In this episode, the Digital Natives and their honorary co-host get to the bottom of Twitter’s new anti-spam policy and determine how we can all use the principles that we learned in psych class to become better marketers. We then look at a fresh new outdoor campaign by none other than McDonald’s and finally how Snapchat is using some traditional techniques reminiscent of broadcast TV to sell advertising space.


Twitter’s Attempt to Curb Spam [3:45]
Snapchat Advertising [9:40]
Psychology in Marketing [15:45]
Creative McDonald’s Signage [25:25]

Twitter’s Attempt to Curb Spam

If you manage similar Twitter accounts that you frequently cross-post to, you’ll want to pay attention to this. Kyle informs us about a new policy that is set to take effect on March 23 which will limit the ability of users to perform coordinated actions across multiple accounts. This includes Tweets, Likes, Retweets, and Follows. We’ve personally noticed that our scheduling platform is cracking down, so you’ll need to make changes sooner than later. Make sure you check out the guide to make sure that you’re not in violation of the rules.


Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat is having a great year so far with over 400 brands running ads on the platform in the past 3 months. Mitch runs over the numbers and provides us with some interesting information on how Snapchat sells their ad space reminiscent of ad spots on broadcast T.V. Advertisers can choose which Discover channels to advertise on instead of targeting through demographics and specific interests like other platforms. Is going back to the basics a good call?



Psychology in Marketing

Rai reframes some concepts that you might have heard back in psych class and brings them back to the world of marketing. Persuasion has a lot to do with marketing and sales, and there are certain things that we can do as designers and content creators to help that process along. The most important lesson – think simple!


Creative McDonald’s Signage

McDonald’s has given us some fantastic advertising campaigns over the years, but this one definitely stands out in recent memory. You know when you’re on a road trip and you see the billboards that say “McDonald’s 3 miles, exit 231?” Min tells us about an ad agency in Canada that is trying to create a singular unified sign for McDonald’s billboards. We can’t wait to see if they catch on!



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