Episode 78 – Brand Debt, The Other Alexa, and 8 New and Improved Social Media Trends

Author: Jack Martin

Another week, another awesome podcast from your favorite Digital Natives! This week Rai, Min, and Kyle discuss what can go wrong when you take shortcuts in your marketing and branding plan, Amazon’s lesser-known Alexa, and a few new trends that have popped up this year so far in social media. Don’t forget to tune in every Friday for the latest and greatest in marketing, tech, and design!


Brand Debt [2:09]
The Other Alexa [9:00]
8 New and Improved Social Media Trends [13:42]

Brand Debt

If you’re familiar with the tech world, you might have heard the term “tech debt” before. Tech debt occurs when a company rushes a project with known flaws in order to release it sooner with the idea that they’ll go back and make the fixes at a later time. You can guess where it goes from there – companies struggle to find the time and budget to make fixes and the debt piles up. Min informs us about a similar phenomenon that happens in marketing called “brand debt” and gives us tips on how to avoid it in our own marketing strategies.


The Other Alexa

Everyone has heard of Alexa of Echo fame, but what about Amazon’s other Alexa? Kyle tells us a little bit about Alexa Internet, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides commercial web traffic and analytics. Do you know why Amazon has two different products called Alexa? Listen to find out!


8 New and Improved Social Media Trends

Social media trends come and go, but so far 2018 has brought us so many new changes that we had to give our listeners a rundown of the year so far. Rai goes over the most important changes that you need to know to bring you up to speed! Hint: positivity is key!



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