Happy Birthday Facebook!

Author: Jack Martin

On February 4th, 2004, the world was forever altered…

That was the day “The Facebook” was released. We didn’t know it then, but Facebook was set to change the way we interact with others, share information, and how we portray ourselves.

2014 will mark Facebook’s 10th year in existence, giving us reason to look back on Facebook through the years.

The transition from “The Facebook” of 2004 to the current Timeline/Newsfeed/Timesucker is quite the story. Facebook has accomplished a HECK OF A LOT during its 10 years of existence. Facebook is like that genius child that already has its PhD, has starred in, written, and co-produced a major Blockbuster film, and written a bestseller, all by the age of 10. Not to mention creating an entire new branch of the marketing industry – social media management. I’m pretty sure by the time I was 10 years old I was JUST starting to be able to go to sleepovers at other people’s houses without calling my parents to tell I wasn’t feeling well and needed to go home.

Let’s reflect on these past 10 years and see the changes and adaptions that Facebook has made to stay on top through the years.

Thank you Min Latus for the amazing infographic!

What changes do you think 2014 will bring? Any suggestions YOU would give Mark Zuckerberg if you had the chance to talk to him face to face?