In this Corner, Dynamic Websites. And in this Corner, Static Websites…Ding Ding!

Author: Jack Martin

Standing still will get you nowhere. (Ok, you can debate all the few technicalities that make that statement false: standing still on a moving train gets you places, but I digress). In the web world, things are constantly changing. One minute it’s MySpace the next, Twitter.

Twitter and Facebook updates are constantly changing as well as the layouts and designs of sites. So why wouldn’t you want a dynamic site?

Some organizations still insist on a static site. While it is cheap and quick to produce, how often does that combination of time and money saving tricks actually give you the greatest product possible? Rarely. While dynamic sites cost a bit more, they return on investment is sky-high. The sites are easy to update and personalize to your company. Even better? You can do it yourself! You don’t need to ask your web designer and programmer to make every little change that comes to mind saving you countless e-mails and phone calls laced with frustration.

Search engines love dynamic sites too, with the changing continuously, search engines such as Google and Bing will pick up your site faster and rank it higher than a site with stale content. Still hesitant about dynamic sites? A blog would be boring if the only posts you can see are the posts from when it was first developed, a kite sitting on the ground isn’t very interesting, if the ocean didn’t have its rhythmic waves who would write poems about it?

Things are more interesting when they fluctuate and change with the times as needed. Seems pretty common sense to us. For more information on the static versus dynamic battle, check out these links from Mashable and EdInteractive.

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