Keystone Click Launches Two Podcasts to Help Businesses and Individuals Be Successful

Author: Jack Martin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – January 11, 2017 – The Milwaukee based digital marketing agency, Keystone Click, is launched its second podcast on Jan 9, Social Capital, following the launch of The Digital Natives Cast in November.

The Social Capital Podcast helps educate professionals on social relationships and how the investment they put into them establishes trust, reciprocity, and value within their network and community by interviewing top business professionals across the country.

Owner of Keystone Click and host of Social Capital, Lori Highby, said, “Regardless of your industry or position, everyone is involved in networking. I want to help people understand the benefit of networking for themselves and their businesses.”

Social Capital is a great resource for professionals looking to grow and expand their network by utilizing best practices learning from others experiences.

The Digital Natives Cast was created to help inform business owners about marketing, technology, and design from the point of view of digital natives or, millennials. Each week, between one and four cast members break down these four topics to be easily consumed and to provide insight for their listeners.

One of the Digital Natives Cast hosts, Matt Curtis, said, “Many business owners struggle with marketing to Millennials, on Digital Natives we provide both insight into how to reach that demographic and the latest tools, technology, and design that they are using and that is available to you.”

Digital Natives Cast provides insight for business owners, marketing professionals, and young professionals who are interested in learning about marketing toward the millennial generation and the latest technology, design, and marketing trends.

Both Social Capital and The Digital Natives Cast release new episodes weekly on Mondays and can be found at and in addition to iTunes and Google Play Music.