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Author: Jack Martin

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN (January 15, 2013) – Winters Carbide Tools, a division of TJ Grinding, Inc. launched a new e-commerce website allowing the Waukesha company to compete nationally.  The new website gives the parent company a devoted location to sell the division’s dynamic line of carbide-cutting tools.  Manufacturers have been limited in the past from using e-commerce as a sales tool due to difficulties with aligning shipping costs and inventory available for sale.  The new website makes it easy to sell direct and wholesale manufacturing cutting tools online at a national level.

“The new site will be an asset to our company.  Not many manufacturing companies even have a high-quality website; yet we are using the latest e-commerce technology.  This will definitely put us a leg-up above the competition.” Tim Winters, TJ Grinding.

Users from the continental United States will be able to order products online that will be shipped to their doorstep.   All orders are priced out from the beginning.  The manufacturing website features a user log-in system.  This allows users to see their purchase history, giving them an idea of what they might need to re-order.  Customers can login and repeat previous orders in a few clicks when on the site.
“The new site will be an asset to our company.”

“What’s really neat about the whole system is that it’s automated; from uploading new products, to receiving the order, creating the product and final shipment.  Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.  This new website will help achieve this goal by ease-of-use along with selling high-quality products.  We’re interested to see how big this can get!” Winters said.

The new website, designed and developed by Keystone Click, allows users to order their carbide tools online without going through the hassle of receiving a quote for the price of the tool(s).  The new e-commerce website showcases a catalog over 2,500 SKU numbers that can be easily updated using a content management system.  The new site will help Winters Carbide Tools to become multi-versed in marketing endeavors, and cater to users who prefer online purchasing.

About Winters Carbide Tools
Winters Carbide Tools is a division of T.J. Grinding, Inc. specializing in the production and sales of both custom and standard cutting tools.  For more information about Winters Carbide Tools, please visit or call 262-549-6885.
About Keystone Click
Keystone Click is an online marketing agency specializing in website design and development, and online marketing strategies and execution.  Founded in 2008, Keystone Click provides small, medium and large businesses with needed online presence to adequately market goods or services.  For more information about Keystone Click, please visit or call 414-810-6650.