PayPal…A Friend to Have.

Author: Jack Martin

PayPal is surely proving itself to be a Pal that you want to have. Owned by eBay Inc, it has proven to be a very bright spot in eBay’s portfolio. eBay’s second quarter fiscal results showed that their gains are mainly due to PayPal’s rapid growth. The marketplace of eBay still shows to be a larger factor in total revenue, but this past years growth indicates that PayPal is going to be the future. The Marketplaces only increased 11% whereas PayPal increased 22%.

A significant reason for PayPal’s large numbers could be that each month, PayPal is adding a million new accounts. PayPal has been earning its keep around eBay, so the numbers say. Mashable says, “It wouldn’t shock us if PayPal became eBay’s biggest business unit in the next few years. ” And I’d have to agree, but we want to know what you think about the eBay/PayPal current situation.

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