Should I be on this thing called Twitter?

Author: Jack Martin

Have you recently asked yourself this question? Well, no matter who you are, what you do, where your passion lies, and what kind of business you are in, the answer is simple. YES!

Twitter is a wonderful tool to connect with anyone and everyone via short snippets of information – 280 characters to be exact. Well, “What do I put on Twitter?” you might ask. The answer is anything you want. Feel free to answer the Twitter question of “What are you doing?” or:

Post a link to your most recent blog post
Share a link to an article you just read online and really enjoyed
Brag about the new account you have
Ask a question that’s been on your mind
Update the world on your favorite sports teams
Link to a recipe you just tried
Post job openings
Post that your looking for a job
Link to your product specials

The possibilities are endless. In reality it depends on what your goal is. Are you a small coffee shop in a suburb of Chicago? If so, use Twitter to post upcoming events with speakers or the newest coffee you will be selling or a story online about how coffee is good for you. Or, maybe you are a consultant focusing on quality improvement. Then use Twitter to share tips on quality processes, or link to articles about companies and their success stories with implementing new quality processes.

Regardless of who you are and what your goals are, Twitter will definitely have a place within your daily routine. Next question you might ask, “How do I get followers?”.

There are two ways to get followers. First is obvious, promote that you are on Twitter. My email signature says “Twitter: @ljhighby. Your website could easily state “Follow me on Twitter!”. Second, is to start following other people, especially people you would like to have follow you. Some individuals automatically follow people who are following them. While others will pick and choose who to follow.

Now that you have the basics of Twitter down pat, follow me and let’s tweet together!

Update: Just ran across this article worth sharing. 10 Ways To Be Useful on Twitter by Ryan Miller