Steps to creating a Google+ account

Author: Jack Martin

With all of the great resources available from Google, it only makes sense to jump on the bandwagon and start using Google+. Ultimately, it will not hurt you, probably even help your business online.

Create your personal profile on Google+

1. Login to your Gmail account and select Google+. Google will ask you to join and confirm your profile.

2. Once you are logged in, Google will recommend individuals for you to “Add to Circles” and to “Follow” by reviewing your contacts from Gmail. You can also log into other email accounts to find other connections. I recommend connecting with as many individuals as possible. You don’t need to know them as you do with Facebook.

3. Google will also supply a link that looks like this:

I recommend clicking on this link and finding more people to follow based on the topic that they mainly post about. This link will take you to a page with a number of very active users on specific topics. You can easily add all of those individuals based on that topic or click into the topic and be more selective about who you are following. Building a good following base will help you to have quality content to “share” and “+1”, which are both important areas of Google+.

4. Now that you have your profile and followers set-up. You can search for specific areas of interest that you might be interested in following such as we’ve done with this profile who blogs about weddings. Simply use the search bar to search for other profiles.

Enhance your profile on Google+

Next step now that you’ve got a profile is to enhance it to be SEO friendly and friendly to get more followers.

1. Navigate to your profile using the buttons in the top bar.

Now click on “Edit Profile”, the big blue button in the top right corner of the page. Each section of this page is pretty much editable. Make sure to fill in as much information as possible in all areas.

2. Update the header with your name, description (using your keywords), and upload images.

3. Fill out the About section using links, keywords, and valuable details about you and what your objective.

Introduction – Include a paragraph using keywords and linking those keywords to your website.
Bragging rights – Include keywords and some fun facts about yourself
Occupation – What do you do
Employment – Where you work and your role there
Education – simply stated
Home – include your phone number and/or email address
Work – include your phone number and/or email address
Relationship – choose your status if you like.

4. Plug in the links on the right hand side under Other Profiles, Contributor, and Links. Use this space to really make the most of your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog. Under Contributors link to your blog and other areas you have written on. Include as many valuable links as you’d like.

5. Click “Done Editing”.

Create your Business Page on Google+

Now that you’ve got your profile set-up, its time to create your business page on Google+.

1. At the bottom of your page, the footer has the standard links (terms, policy, etc), but the far right link is “Create a Page”, click that!

2. Select the category that you want to be placed in. Rolling over the different categories will give you information related to that specific category.

3. Fill in the details of the name of your page, and your website address.

4. Plug in any additional information that it asks for right away. Uploading your image/logo, and writing your quick summary (using SEO keywords here).

5. Share that you have a page with your personal G+ account and everywhere on the web.

Share your link to your Google+ Profile and Page in the comments below! We will follow you!

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