Thank You

Author: Jack Martin

Now, I know that the Keystone Click blog has mainly been about our recent launches or about industry news. While the rest of the office works as hard as little worker bees, I’m tying up all the loose ends at my little work station finishing small open tasks, editing lots of things that are waiting to be released to the internet, and trying to come up with a list for the new marketing intern about what to expect and what his/her role will be.

So instead of talking about web versus print design or how to use the web during a political campaign, I wanted to write a positive review for the place that I’ve called home the past 10 months. If the editorial style isn’t really your cup of tea, well it’s my last blog so the new intern will have a new writing style but while I’m still on payroll I’m going to get a little sentimental, slightly inspirational and of course, very cheesy (This is Wisconsin after all…)

First of all, Keystone Click gave me a chance and for that I will be forever grateful. After a long, tedious search for a summer 2010 internship I finally got a response back to one of the 20 internship opportunities I had applied to.  Nervously I went into the interview and anxiously I awaited a reply of any type. I was then offered a chance to be the marketing intern for Keystone Click, however the hours they wanted me to work did not blend well with my academic schedule at Marquette University and the offer was pulled. With encouraging from my mother, I responded with an e-mail that was on the verge of begging and Lori and Mike agreed to take me on very part time Fridays from 11:30-5 until the spring semester ended. This was just one of the many instances when I knew Keystone Click was a different company.

Watching how Keystone Click did business was inspiring; they truly went the extra mile (and a half) for their clients. They cared, and it showed in the work they produced and the office’s attitude about each and every project. After taking PR classes at Marquette, we learned a lot about how unethical and laisse-faire companies can be. I should not have been surprised at the amount of customer service, but I was, and I was certainly impressed. Keystone Click also treats their employees well. I was given so many wonderful opportunities while in this internship, and I won’t forget them. From writing over 150 descriptions of cookies to writing and submitting real press releases or getting published in Veil, a local Wisconsin wedding magazine, my portfolio and confidence grew.

Working at Keystone Click gave me confidence in my abilities and in myself. Lori and Mike, along with the rest of the team helped me along the way as I found my footing. It was an amazing support system for me and leaving it is harder than I ever imagined. The other jobs I’ve left in the past have not been sad occasions, except the one hostess job because the bus boy was like, so totally cute.

So this is my thank you to Keystone Click. Thank you for all you have taught me and everything you have allowed me to become. I will miss you greatly.