The Convergence of HR and Social Media

Author: Jack Martin

It’s 2015 and the primary means of communication has without a doubt become digital. Whether its text, email, video chat, or any of the numerous social media platforms available, the digital world has become the premier destination for connecting with our peers. But just as it’s become easy for us to share information with our personal contacts through social, it’s also easy for businesses to lean more from industry colleagues and current/prospective employees.

That’s why it’s important for HR departments to be up to date on how social media is increasingly incorporated into how they oversee internal and external communications. Here’s a list of some great social media tactics HR can use to stay connected:

1. Join LinkedIn groups and follow industry trends

Networking is huge, so it’s no surprise that great opportunities exist in social media for almost all organizations. LinkedIn is one social network dedicated to professional relationships, and by joining relevant groups to your industry, you can keep up with best practices, collaborate with industry influencers, and network with valuable business connections.

2. Recruiting

The demand for new and talented team members can be a huge concern for companies today. Luckily, building a social presence will help you connect and build relationships with potential job candidates, as well as creating a consistent brand image. You can also have current employees share job openings with family and friends, so you have personal recommendations vouching for your company.

3. Represent your brand

It can sometimes be unnerving that your employees have representation of your business on their social media. Not only do your employees have to be trained to carry out their work efficiently, they also need to be trained to represent your organization well at all times. So much responsibility might become overwhelming. But this pressure could be alleviated by implementing a social media plan that opens more lines of communication between you and your customers.

4. Receive real time information

Providing more lines of communication gives customers confidence by having somewhere they can go to get accurate real-time information. This could be as comprehensive as creating social accounts specifically for customer relations, or as simple as allowing customers to communicate with their representatives through social. In either case, the customer gets openness that gives them piece of mind.

5. Maintaining your reputation

Social media exponentially increases your reach as a company — both internally and externally. A frustrated employee who had a rough day might vent about their experiences on Facebook, leaving all their friends with a negative impression of your company culture. At the same time, an employee who feels appreciated might also share that experience on social media. Your company’s culture will now be impacted by the impression and opinions of others who may not have previously had access to this type of information.

Do you have any other great uses for social media in HR? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re still unsure of where to start, we can help!