The Key To Identifying The Perfect Keywords

Author: Jack Martin

Have you ever found yourself writing an article or a blog post and being completely lost on the right keywords to use? If you have, Google has made choosing the best keywords for maximizing SEO easier than ever before. Google AdWords is a neat advertising tool that lets you create an ad campaign, control your budget, get a report on how your ad is doing, and so much more. Among the multitude of tools AdWords offers, you will find the keyword tool.

First you will need to access Google AdWords. Once there, go to the top green bar, click on tools analysis, and scroll down to the keyword tool. Once you have navigated your way to the keyword tool, the rest is pretty easy! Simply enter in the word or phrase that best describes your article or blog and click search! The keyword tool does all of the hard work for you.

The Next step is analyzing what the tool has offered you. Below is a screenshot of what appears when you search the phrase “Milwaukee Social Media.” What appear are the keywords searched, the competition, the global monthly searches, and the local monthly searches. But what does this all mean to you? Let me break it down for you.


The keywords listed are keyword ideas for you. The keywords you have been looking for have been nicely displayed with just the click of a button, but don’t just pick any of them at random. Make sure you factor in the other three columns listed.


Competition is listed as high, medium, or low. This refers to the frequency of the use of these keywords by others. The more the keyword or phrase is used, the higher the competition. By clicking once on competition, words will be arranged from high to low competition. Click on competition twice and words will be arranged from low to high. I recommend option two, because the lower the competition, the better.

Global Monthly Searches

This one is pretty self-explanatory. This is the number of times per month a keyword or phrase is searched globally. The bigger the number, the better.

Local Monthly Searches

Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory. This is the number of times per month a keyword or phrase is searched locally. The bigger the number, the better.

The final step is putting all of these tools together to determine the best keywords out of the bunch. The best keywords will be relevant of course, have low competition, and a large number of searches both globally and locally. Find keywords that match these criteria and you will be practicing effective SEO with little hassle.

Have you ever used the keyword tool on Google AdWords? What other ways do you find the best keywords to use? Comment below and let me know!