The Many Faces of Facebook

Author: Jack Martin

There’s no doubt that people love Facebook. It would be the world’s 3rd largest country after all. So it’s really no surprise that people have tried numerous different ways of using the Social Media site. Besides on a personal level, the two most popular ways to use Facebook are to have a Facebook page, and Facebook group. These are two ways to use Facebook for people to promote themselves and their careers.

Musicians and artists rake in members and fans every day. Then, the pranksters and those with high competitive personalities joined in. Bets started being made about shaving heads, which University can get more fans than its rival, if a vegetable can get more fans than a pop star or band. When searching “I bet that” in Facebook, on the first 3 pages, there are 7 pages that feature Justin Bieber. Little over the top? Probably. However, this craze has brought good things rather than just fighting words. We were all treated to some hearty belly laughs and tears streaming down our cheeks from laughing so hard at Betty White’s performance on Saturday Night Life. Her hosting was the result of a Facebook group in favor of the Golden Girl to host the popular comedy show. Currently, there are hopefuls trying to get their favorite celeb to host SNL from Rupaul (over 15,000) to Stephen Colbert (over 1,000). And of course, Betty’s fans are still strong, pushing for her to host the Oscar’s (over 100,000 fans)!

There are also groups asking for fans to pray for those who are ill or suffering traumatic events. One interesting page I came across was two sisters asking for a certain number of fans so there father would stop smoking. While there will still be groups that are intent on hurting and insulting teenage pop stars (Sorry Miley J. Bieber), there will still be those for pure entertainment, Betty White and random items such as pickles. But more importantly, the American spirit shines through with the willingness of everyone to reach out in as small of way as clicking a “like” button in favor of Music Education, fighting human rights violations, and to keep those who need a little extra help in our thoughts.