Top 3 Reasons Why Numbers Rule the Game

Author: Jack Martin

With new free tools such as Google Analytics available to track your web visitors, more sites are using statistics now more than ever to ensure their success. Monitoring your online presence is necessary in order to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI).

Here are a few ways you can use numbers to monitor, test, and track your online presence to ensure success:

1.Monitor Your Advertising Success

You can track referrals to your site from sites where you advertise. With many tools you can customize tracking from a system as simple as how many hits, so analyzing where those hits move to, and how they turn into leads. With the right know how you can directly measure the sales and profits generated by different online advertising avenues.

2. Test Your Navigation’s Success

You can track a user’s route through your site using many of the tools available today. Using this data you can see where your users are going, and contrast that against where you think they should be. By doing this, you can gauge how well your site’s navigation presents itself, and what needs work.

3. Chart Your Site’s Success

With all of this data, you can start the process of quantifying your site’s return on investment. Armed with this data, you have a mighty argument good for securing additional funding, seeking advertisers, and demonstrating the importance your site has for those in your organization who have yet to grasp the web’s worth.

So remember to…

Monitor, Test, and Track your online presence.