Top Ten Twitter Tools

Author: Jack Martin

When Lori first suggested I write a blog about Twitter Tools I instantly jumped at the idea. There are so many things to say about the #tigerblood and Charlie Sheen phenomenon from this spring or that guy from Jersey Shore, the muscular one…with hair gel…and muscles? Whatever his name is, yeah.

Then I realized that my 20-year-old vernacular was seriously off despite reading Fitzgerald, Hemmingway and the likes. She meant tool as is in a Twitter App or something to help you achieve a goal on Twitter. Whoops! So I decided to look up and rate our Top Ten Twitter Tools:

10. TweetLater – A useful app if you want to schedule tweets to go at a later date or a time when you know you won’t have internet or cell phone access but still want to share something.

9. TwitterCal—post events from your Google calendars as Tweets.

8. Twhirl– social software desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform. Gives you a lot of variety of what and how you post

7. Twellow—Twitter yellow pages. A great tool for finding influential tweeters in fields of your interest

6. Group Tweet—want to tweet so just a few of your followers can see it? Group Tweet understands your need to tweet inside jokes without forcing the rest of Twitterverse to see them

5. Tweeted Times—your own publication courtesy of all that Twitter has to offer. Tweets turned into headlines of your favorite topics. Who says the sports section has to be shorter than the economic section?

4. TwitterFeed – Inform your twitter followers when you have a new blog post without doing anything except, well, writing a new blog post!

3. TwitPic – Twitter isn’t just for words, share some great pictures with your followers!

2. Hootsuite – A great social media tool that allows you to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can link posts or keep the accounts separate, it’s up to you! The built in link shortener comes in handy too!

1. #Hashtags – It’s the best thing to use on Twitter. Hashtags are practical and whimsical all at the same time. Just ask the Twitter Tool himself Charlie Sheen, #winning #crazy

What are your favorite Twitter tools? We’d love to hear about them!Click here to learn how Keystone Click can use Twitter and other social media sites to enhance your business