Using Social Media for Your Non-Profit Organization

Author: Jack Martin

So your Non-Profit wants to maximize its presence in Social Media?

There are a few things that need to be done. First off, choose which social media site you want to use and focus on. Having too many sites to manage will eventually lead to a few of those sites lying dormant in the World Wide Web. Inactivity on these sites will convey a message to viewers that your company isn’t fully paying attention to the details. When looking at your social media site, viewers want to see it bustling with life because in their minds, it is a representation of the charitable work that you do as well. By the same token, do not overwhelm you followers with constant updates about every small little thing; leave that to Lindsay Lohan and the other obsessive Tweeters. (No, actually we don’t care that you just brushed your teeth, but thanks for sharing).

By focusing your social media on one or two key sites, you allow your organization to connect with your followers. Since this opportunity is there, embrace it. You can respond with personalized Tweets or posts rather than sending out mass, generic e-mails and newsletters. Social media allows for relationships to be built. So build them and your organization will see the benefits of being real rather than a distant, impersonal organization asking for donations.


Connect with your volunteers, potential volunteers and those whose interest has been piqued by your cause. If you really want to put a face and personality into your relationships on social media, call for some opportunities to meet in public as a large group for you and your following. Some resources that your NPO can use: : A “dating” website of sorts for Non-Profits and those who want to make a difference in our world. This takes the stress out of looking for volunteers, the site will have them find you. : A way to raise money online for either your organization to use as a collective, or for your members to use to reach their more immediate base of contacts. Check out more tips for raising money online. -Google Analytics: Find out, for FREE, how many people are visiting your site to measure the results of your Social Media endeavor.

Visit this link for more tips on NPO Social Media and also find examples of successful NPO Social Media pages already in practice.