Video Marketing | 4 Reasons Your Business Should Start Vlogging

Author: Jack Martin

The marketingworld is always changing. If you’re basing your campaigns on what you learned in school a decade ago you might as well be writing your e-mails on stone tablets. Quality content is now the key to driving traffic towards your business. In thepastthatmeant just writing a goodblog post and being done with it.Not anymore.

As attention spans continue to getshorter and shorter, it has become increasingly harder to hook an audience long enough to effectively getyourmessageacross.Asvideomarketingcontinuesto grow it is essential that you start planning ahead if you want to avoid being left in the dust by thecompetition.One of the newest trends right now on the internet isvlogging. Simply search “vlog” on YouTube nets you over 50,000,000 hits. While most of these are of a personal nature, there is no reason why one couldn’t use the same technique to expand your brand awareness. Here are the top 4 reasons why your business should startvloggingtoday:

1. Control the Message

The hardest thing when it comes to generating content is controlling how audiences will react. Written content is incredibly efficient at driving traffic towards your site, but also is very open to interpretation. Vlogging on the other hand allows you to combinevarious media into an easy to digest piece of content that tells the story you always intended.

2. Build Trust

Putting a face to a brand works wonders in helping clients connect with a company and its message. A weekly vlogcan be the backbone of your video marketing strategy as well ashelp your clients identify with your company andthe people behind the logo.That kind of transparency will aid you in establishing a personal touch to your business, making you stand out from the competition.

3. Answer “Why?”

Prominent author and lecturer Simon Sinek says “People don’t buy what you make. They buy why you do it.” That sounds easy in principle, but it can be hard to sell that message to consumers if you aren’t using the right kind of content. By establishing a regular vlog, your business can promote first hand exactly why your company does what it does.

4. Added Revenue

This one definitely depends on your company’s content strategy, but if you are able to build a large enough audience your vlog could develop into another revenue stream. Daily vloggers such as Casey Neistat generate hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars a year by monetizing their videos on sites like YouTube. Fair enough it takes a long time (and luck) to grow that kind of following, but if your company is willing to invest in the future, vlogging definitely could literally pay off in the long run.

Have any other creative ways to jump start your video marketing strategy? Leave a comment below and let’s get the conversation started.