We love you Facebook, oh yes we do, we love you Facebook, and we’ll be true…

Author: Jack Martin

Sorry for the Bye-Bye Birdie song but Facebook has reached 500 million users this July. That’s a larger population than the US, Mexico and France combined. This recent surge of 100 million users was in a short 5 month span where as the first 100 million users took four years. So the main question to ask yourself now is…is your company’s Facebook page up to par? Being on Facebook gives you access to 500 million people, it’s hard to even fathom, right?

This is just a reminder to us all how powerful the internet is. We all have to be careful about our public image. Within seconds, the entire 500 million people of Facebook can know something that could help or hurt your organization. So make sure you use the internet wisely. Connect with your publics and be friendly. Be open with communication rather than closed. With a potential audience of 500 million, make sure your Facebook image is a good one.