Web Analytics: The Key to Creating the Optimal Conversion Funnel

Author: Jack Martin

How much of an impact does web analytics play a role in your organization or business? What if what you thought your customers wanted, wasn’t really what they were looking for? There are many things you could be doing wrong, but when you take advantage of web analytics software, you can see how much of an impact the information can make to your overall website structure.

If you are in need of a web analytics tool, Google offers a great, free web analytics tool called Google Analytics.

Another Google product to take advantage of, is the custom Google search bar. The custom Google search bar can be measured by a web analytics tool and has proven to be very valuable.

Let’s say for example you implemented a custom Google search bar on your website. What your customers type into the search bar is very valuable information. I’ve highlighted an example of one of my favorite internet marketing blogs by Ian Lurie. As you will notice, he has a custom Google search bar on the right side of the homepage:

Implementing a custom search bar allows you to see what your customers are typing and looking for on your web page, or reasons they may be leaving your website, all of which can be tracked by a web analytics tool.

Web analytics should be an important part of your overall business web strategy. Monitoring your web analytics allows you to create the optimal conversion funnel to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI). You are able to monitor customer behavior, track goals and conversions, among many other things.

Some of the many things a web analytics profile allows you to do:

Enable Flexible Customization- Edit your web analytics profile to start monitoring your specific needs.
Apply Advanced Segmentation- Apply segmentation to your data to track specific areas of your website.
Create Web Analytic Reports- You can create custom reports that give you the information you specifically want.
Keyword Data – You can tailor blog posts to what your customers are looking for from the keyword data the web analytics provides you with.
Monitor website Traffic- You are able to see daily website traffic and measure it over time.

Below is a graph taken from the Google analytics dashboard on the overall website traffic over a couple of weeks:

As you can see there are many reasons you should monitor your web analytics. The data an analytics tool provides is extensive and is well worth the investment.

For more great information on web analytics visit the Google analytics blog. You can also learn more about search engine optimization.