Web Design Trends for 2015

Author: Jack Martin

Whether it’s updating your website or doing a quick refresh, it’s always a good idea to look at trends in web design. Sometimes the design is what can make or break the user experience. Here’s a roundup of some trends to watch out for this year when it comes to web design.

It’s all about the big picture…Literally.

One of the top web design trends to look for this year is large background images. Take streaming website Netflix for example; the landing page always features a massive background image of people streaming Netflix. This trend allows for a simplistic way to still having an impacting message for users and draws the users to engage with the call to action buttons (sign in or start a free trial).


Clean and simple

A minimalistic website design allows for an easy to understand user experience. Eliminating or hiding unnecessary design elements will help the goals of your business stand out by providing users with a clean and simple layout in contrast to confusing your site visitors with too many pictures and too much text.


With Nike’s website, again we see the large background image accompanied with minimal design aspects which include the simplistic bold text, navigation bar and buttons. This makes for a simpler user experience.

Keep on Scrolling

Have you ever heard about parallax scrolling? It’s when a background image scrolls at a slower speed than the page scroll which creates a two dimensional scrolling experience while continuously scrolling. Rather than clicking around, web pages will become more accustomed to the continuous scrolling which allow for more information on one page. With mobile devices, the long scroll allows users to scroll and view information on the same page rather than clicking away or opening a new tab to view information.


One size does not fit all

Responsive design is something that has been on the table for quite some time. The benefits are obvious – in today’s world everyone expects to be able to access websites on their mobile devices. However, with the use of wearables kicking into high gear, web designers need to take into account the evolution of responsive design on products such as smartwatches. Now, it’s not only mobile, desktop and tablet. Wearables add another dimension.


So what do you think of these web design trends? Have any you would like to add to the list? Comment below!