Welcome to Our NEW BLOG!

Author: Jack Martin

As you can see, our blog feature is a little different than it was before. And by different we mean BETTER than ever!Perhaps we are a little bit biased, but we think it kicks some serious blogging butt.

What’s different?

Building Blocks

This blog is now called “Building Blocks”. We thought this was a great name because we use our blog to give you design, development, and digital marketing tips to help build your online footprint (A.K.A. building blocks).


The navigation of the blog has been changed as well. Our blog is more user-friendly than ever before. The latest posts are now highlighted at the top, the topic menu is now displayed horizontally across the page, our most popular posts are now displayed along the right side of the page as you read through a post, AND you can now search for blogs by author!


The new layout is easy on the eyes. It’s a head turner. A tall drink of water. A “dime-piece” if you will. We added larger preview images, increased the font size, and made the overall visuals more user-friendly, visually pleasing, and functional.

Related Posts

Take a look at the right side of your screen. See the related posts menu? That is a new feature that we added in order to tailor the content to the reader. So now, if you are interested in Web Development, you will get all the web development content you could ever want! Same goes for digital marketing, web design, E-commerce, Infographics, Search Engine Optimization, and all of ourservices.

What do you think of our new blog? Comment below and give us your feedback. We would love to hear your thoughts.