Why QR Codes?

Author: Jack Martin

What are QR Codes and what’s the benefit for me?  How can QR Codes be used to generate business?  How do I create a QR Code?  These are all questions we are often asked.

QR Codes, unlike bar codes, store information two-dimensionally both vertically and horizontally.  Developed by Denso Wave in 1994, QR Codes can be used to link to virtually anything (URL, Text, Phone Number, SMS).  QR Codes offer large capacity, high speed scans, and small print out size, so you can put it virtually anywhere.  These matrix codes are starting to pop up on posters, next to products in stores, and even in menus.  How do you scan a tag?…oh there’s an app for that…on all smartphone devices.  To find one that works with your device, click here.

At Keystone Click, we like to use QR Codes to generate sales and for linking to specific areas of your website, like a great new product, special offer, or to donate to a special cause.  QR Codes are purpose driven with a built in call-to-action, as people interact with their mobile devices that creates a point of real-to-mobile interactivity.  Consumers want information and they want it now on their mobile device.

These little hyperlink are affective and most importantly they are free to create.  Like most marketing efforts, you must remember to stick with it and be patient, it won’t pay off overnight.  To get started creating your first QR Code today, click here.