Why Your Company Should Start Using Newsletters. Now.

Author: Jack Martin

An excellent, low cost way to keep your clients and prospects informed of your services, products, news, etc is to send out newsletters. This can be a simple text e-mail or a colorful HTML e-mail. Either way, you are getting your name in front of your target audience. Here are a few reasons why sending an newsletter rather than simple e-mails, or snail mail newsletters, is so much better.

Perk #1—People See Your Name.

Newsletters will reinforce your service or product continually with each e-mail that you send. These repeated messages cause greater and more effective brand awareness and recognition. With newsletters, the link to your site is right there on the e-mail, so the reader only needs to click and they are on your site, they are looking at your services and products, they are one step closer to making a purchase than before opening that newsletter.

Perk #2—Information Galore.

With newsletters you can keep site visitors up to speed with upcoming events, promotions, product launches and industry news. By covering a wide range of topics within your industry, you convey an attitude of consciousness for the world around you. It shows that your company is informed and is a solid place for consumers to invest in. It’s also fast, if you’re excited about a new product or opportunity, send out an newsletter right away rather than waiting days for the postman to deliver a regular newsletter. You can also use them for discounts, specials or deals that your company is offering, and incentives for subscribing voluntarily to your organization’s newsletter and thus driving more traffic to your website.

Perk #3—Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance.

Customers have the option of subscribing or not to your newsletters, this allows those who are truly interested in your product to receive the valuable information you have to disperse. You now have a targeted audience receiving what you say so you can have a more focused approach to your newsletter’s content. Customer research is also easily collected via surveys and responses. The people receiving your newsletter care about your organization and are more likely to participate in any research you send their way. You can also track your e-mails. Any “undeliverables” can be quickly identified and efforts can be made to correct and resend them. With this feature you’re not wasting paper or money on regular newsletters, but you’re also saving energy in the tech world. It’s saving those who don’t want your information time online, saving the energy that would be used to delete your e-mail. And with the environment, every little bit helps.

Please just remember that when sending your newsletter to keep it interesting. You want to keep your subscribers, not bore them and push them away. So use this time and presence in an newsletter to toot your own horn and have some fun relating to your customers!At Keystone Click, we have content specialists to help you with your strategies! Click here to learn more.