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Utilizing Social Media to Your Advantage- A Look at 8CR

2 minutes
Lori Highby

Regardless of the industry that you are in, the Internet is where your company needs to be. Some companies, such as 800 CEO READ (8CR), do an excellent job of utilizing the social media tools available on the Internet to promote their company and product/service. 8CR promotes and sells books related to business that focus on careers, economics, leadership, management, sales & marketing, personal development and more. The unique path that 8CR has taken to enhance their success is by utilizing the Internet to their advantage. First glance at their website and it appears rather vanilla. If you do a little light digging into the website and you will find many social media tools that 8CR employs to enhance their web presence and the user experience.


Here is just a handful of ways 8CR uses social media:


  1. Excerpts Blog - pieces of recently published business books
  2. Daily Blog - the latest on business book
  3. Author Blog - current and aspiring business authors
  4. Podcasts - each month 8CR will pick authors' brains on the ideas in their books
  5. Top 25 Books RSS feed - bestsellers of the month
  6. 8CR Flickr Account - photo stream of events they host
  7. 8CR You Tube Channel - video of events they host


Utilizing social media keeps your audience engaged as well as encourages the repeat site visitors. The 8CR events, and the recognition of the company and the brand continue to flourish. Upkeep is the most important factor when making use of the various social media. 8CR continues to post to the blogs, Flicker, and YouTube networks often; some daily, some weekly and some monthly. The key is to stay involved.