Keystone Click 2012 Office Olympics

Author: Jack Martin

The Olympics may be over, but the memorable moments they created will live on forever. The same can be said for our very own Office Olympics. For the first time in Keystone Click history, our office members went head-to-head with fierce office competition brewing deep inside each person. OK, so maybe it wasn’t that intense, but it sure was a lot of fun! If you find yourself upset you missed out on some public humiliation, I can assure you there is no need to fret. We have taped and uploaded all of the events to Youtube for your enjoyment! They are even displayed in old, silent movie fashion, with jazzy music and all. What could be better?

Before you go and check them out, let me give you an overview of the events.

Event 1: Paperball basketball
Goal- Get as many paper balls into your garbage can in 30 seconds

Event 2: Paper Airplane Toss
Goal- Get two of your planes into the baskets before time runs out

Event 3: My personal favorite, Chair Races
Goal- Race to the tape line and back, while keeping your hands behind your back the entire time

This is one you don’t want to miss. Paul’s technique will amaze you.

Event 4: Paperclip Chaining
Goal- Chain as many paper clips together as you can in 15 seconds

Event 5: The final event, 30 Second Desk Cleanup
Goal- Clean up the desk putting each item in its appropriate location in 30 seconds

Who won, you may ask? Well I can’t just tell you that! What would be the fun in that? Head to our Youtube channel and check it out for yourselves. You will even find a video of our closing ceremony with flowers and medals made entirely of office supplies. Our Office Olympics were filled with office materials, office fun, and great memories. Thanks for watching and cheering us on. Oh, and please feel free to send me your endorsement offers!

What did you think of our Office Olympics? Do you have any event suggestions for future Office Olympics?