Who are you Targeting? | How to Create a Customer Profile

Author: Jack Martin

What is a customer profile?

Believe it or not, a customer profile is an important part of your brand’s identity. It is a detailed description of your ideal customer including where they live, their personality, their dreams and frustrations, and even where they are gathering information.

Think about your favorite customer. They are most likely someone who you generally enjoy doing business with, who is loyal to your company and refers additional people to your business. Wouldn’tit be nice if you could have more customers exactly like them? A customer profile can assist in doing just that!

Why is it important to have a customer profile?

A customer profile can help you create content that targets people exactly like your ideal customer. Each time you are producing content or answering the phone, you will have a detailed description to help guide you to speak in a way that grabs their attention and fulfills their needs.

A customer profile can also help speed up the process of creating content and aid in maintaining voice throughout your various types and mediums. Because the process of creating a customer profile requires you to dive deeper into what influences your customer you will better understand what your customers’ needs are and how your business can fulfill those better than your competition!

How do I collect information to create a customer profile?

Gathering enough information to create a customer profile may take some time. When working with our clients we use a 9-question exercise to gather what we can about our client’s customer. Since we don’t have direct access to their customer, this Buyer Persona Exercise helps us gather as much information as we can.

If you have direct access to the customers, you can use a customer survey to gather more detailed information. When creating a survey, you will want to gather information about your customer, their preferences, their thought and feelings about your industry and your business without being too intrusive. You can create a survey using tools like Google Forms or Survey Monkey to send out to your customers. Be sure to keep it short! Use the example survey below to gather ideas about the types of questions you should be asking.

Creating the profile document.

Once you’ve gathered enough information about your customer we recommend combining it all into a document. We use a template when creating our customer profile documents and are happy to share that document with you so you can get started! Click here to get your template!

Your customer profile is a vital tool in maintaining consistency throughout your company’s brand. We highly recommend printing it out and keeping it handy to help you create strong content. In order to obtain more ideal customers, your content needs to be written in a way that will attract them.

If you have any questions on how to gather information or create a customer profile please send us a message or leave a comment.